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The Whimsical Conquest of the Ghost Queen

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Within the depths of the Ghost Zone, before the time of the legendary Danny Phantom, a Queen rose to power. And...let's say just say things were different back then

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Within the depths of the Ghost Zone, before the time of the legendary Halfa, Danny Phantom, yet after the sealing of Pariah Dark, there was an age. A Queen rose to power, backed by a legendary Phantom knight as her general. And...let's just say that things were different back in the day. Clockwork out.

Lucia would grin, crawling from the underbrush to locate the hallowed temple. It was source of the life of the Zone, the source of all the mystical artifacts, all of which paled in comparison, the home of the Ecto-Crystal, the treasured artifact of the Overlord. Lucia confidently walked to the entrance, admiring how beautiful merely the outside looked. It shined a great golden, the light of a nearby ‘sun’, if you could call a ball of heated ectoplasm that, causing it to shine brightly. It looked more like a ziggurat than a pyramid, she noted. With a smirk, Lucia entered the place, instantly noting that a tripwire had been sprung. She’d turn intangible, grinning as the arrows phased through her, only to be sent spinning as one slammed into her shoulder, regardless of her state. It was made of a glowing green mineral, clearly a rarity, as it was ectoranium, the only type of mineral able to bypass a ghost’s power and render them helpless. Gasping breaths as it sapped at her power, she’d rip it out of her shoulder, tossing it aside. “Clever, Overlord….decoy arrows, hiding the deadliest among a storm of duds.” She’d trudge on, severely disappointed in her state after only just entering.

Lucia would come across to another room, a narrow walkway over a pit filled with Ghost sharks and ectopusses. She’d try to run the walkway, intentionally falling back as a massive guillotine flew across the walkway. Whimpering, she’d look up as row upon row lined it. The girl shook her head at the simplicity and yet the danger of it. She’d rush forward, stopping between the openings between the massive blades, a mere sense timing needed to get past them. Taking deep breaths to keep her heart steady, she’d slowly trudge on; hand over the wound in her shoulder to hold back the blood, as if that was possible. Continuing on her trek, she’d hear excited laughing up ahead, silently smiling to herself. More people meant help, or potential weapons to steal. Stepping into the third room, she’d stare at three skeletal ghosts, a man facing them who was obviously not in his right mind due to his giggles and obvious glee at fighting them. He was brandishing a scimitar like it was a rapier, hacking at them with fast slices. In mere seconds, the skeletons were gone. He’d exhibit an odd ghostly breath, immediately turning to her, but relaxing as she was another adventurer like him, after the crystal. She took the seconds to observe him, noting the bleached white hair and black lab coat stained with dust, muck, and blood. Though he kept grinning, like he was having the time of his life!

“Ah! Hello, fair maiden! Seems you’ve gotten yourself into a bit of a sticky situation, eh? Get it? Because blood sticks to the skin and hardens into a…scab….Being a doctor doesn’t give me good jokes, does it?” She’d sigh, nodding her head in a no. The man regained his spirits, picking her up into a bridal position without question, much to her protests. “The name’s Leon! Most badass Halfa around! I’ll see you to the crystal, don’t worry, you can have the darned thing. I’m in it for the adventure!” Surprised and slightly light-headed, Lucia simply nodded to his intro, slightly unnerved. “I-I’m Lucia…Just call me Lexa though…”With a nod, he’d speed down the hallway, expertly dodging the spikes that blew up from the floor. Finally, they reached the last chamber. Setting Lucia down, Leon grinned at the throne where the Overlord sat. While Leon was obviously a fit man, and even a tall one, the black lab coat and white hair only enhancing his appearance, the Overlord was something else. He was a massive man, at least seven feet tall and broad around the shoulders; massive muscles only making him look larger. But Leon could take him, he believed. The Overlord merely watched beneath his horned helmet, red eyes glowing through the darkness. “Hey, goat horns! Get your big butt off the throne and come fight me! I’m Leon, strongest Halfa around! And if I kick your ass, I’ll be stronger than any ghost too! So get ready for the worst buttwhupping of your afterlife pal, cause I’m number o-“ Mid-speech, Leon was impaled from behind by a spear, the Overlord simply having telepathically threw it at him from the weapons rack.

The boisterous Halfa trembled, reaching down and tearing the thing out, hefting it in his free hand, scimitar in the other. He grinned, blood dripping him the corner of his mouth. “You think…THIS LITTLE STICK’LL STOP ME!?” Flinging the spear forward, it impaled the Overlord, who simply stood up, amused at the display. Without a word, he’d unsheathe his sword, speeding forward and tackling Leon into the brick tile, cracking it. He raised the sword above his head for a deathblow, twitching as an explosion ripped from the spear's tip, green blood pouring from the wound he thought minor. Leon shakily forced himself up, leaping onto the Overlord’s shoulders and snatching the sword from the man’s temporarily limp hands, infusing massive amounts of energy into it as his hair returned to its natural black due to the amount of energy in the vibrating sword. “JUST WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM!?” With that, he impaled the Overlord, sword slicing the spear in half like butter and making an even larger wound, massive amounts of spectral energy burning through the massive man’s body. With a content sigh, the charred figure of the Overlord fell to his knees. “The torch….has been passed.” He’d then fade into dust, returning to peaceful sleep of the natural dead. A small green crystal lay where he was. Lucia, having allowed Leon to fight for her, knowing she was too weakened, crawled to the crystal, grabbing it with her hands and widening her eyes the moment she did.

Power unlike any other flowed into her body, the crystal turning a deep red as it flew forward, embedding itself into her chest and flowing into her body until it was unable to be seen. She felt fully invigorated, even stronger than she had been before. She felt like a god. Placing a hand on Leon’s shoulder, she healed him of his wounds instantly. The man grinned up at her, grabbing the Overlord’s sword and handing it to her while holding his own scimitar. “Shall we spar, madam? I’m eager to test you, Mistress.” With that, they were at each other in instants, parries and blocks clanging throughout the throne room. Leon fired and energy, which was countered with a shield, unfazed. Lucia made a duplicate, both of them attacking him with fists and blade, the man barely able to parry. But then he sent an energy charged fist into the original, impaling the duplicate and dissolving it. Lucia staggered back, stunned, and was kicked back to the floor. Coughing, she’d look up at him, fists clenching as she gathered up her energy into a scream, a massive shockwave of green energy billowing out in circles, a wailing filling the air as the sheer power blew away the wall and sent Leon flying out of it to crash at the bottom of the temple, now an improvised castle for Lucia.

Still on the energy high from the crystal, she’d burst toward him, seeming to disappear and reappear to any slower to her, though none were around. Leaving a foot on Leon’s torso, she grinned down at him, Leon dazedly grinning back. “Well played, Queen….well played.” admitted Leon. “You weren't half bad yourself, General.” said Lucia. Leon raised a curios eyebrow, voice dripping with playful sarcasm. “General? Oh, I’m SO lucky today. I get to be stuck with your -forever-.” After being released, Leon dusted himself off, looking at all the little islands across the Zone. “Well, it’ll take a while, but we’ll conquer ‘em. Maybe I’ll get another fun fight, like that big guy!” squealed Leon excitedly. With a sigh, Lucia said, “Yeah, yeah. I’ll even let you fight all of them.” Leon’s eyes lit up at this. “Really!? LET’S DO THE ONE WITH THE EXPLODING PEOPLE FIRST!” With a shake of her head, Lucia trudged on, wondering if she had picked the right companion while Leon talked about visiting the ice wolves for a wrestling match with the Alpha.
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