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Trust Me

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Trust Me

Forget yourself
and lose your mind.
What are you afraid of

I won’t hurt you,
I promise.

Just give me your soul,
and it’ll be okay.

Lay your heart before me
and grab me a knife,
and everything will be fine.

I promise you forever,
and that’s a promise
I’ll never break.

Give me the best parts of you
and let me keep them,
and I swear
no harm will come of it.

There’s no need to think,
just relax to the lullaby
I am singing.

This song
of trust and betrayal,
of freedom and slavery,
of love and hate.

Listen to the bits
you want to hear
and ignore the rest.

You’ll learn them
when the time is right.
Until then you just need to
trust me.
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