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Where do we go from here?

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Gerard has to suffer through the last few days of school, watching His ex boyfriend Frank and his current boyfriend Bert. But something happens and now Gee wants nothing more but school to be longer

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That smug look, he keeps giving it to me every time we pass each other in the halls. Frank Iero, my EX boyfriend, likes to rub in Bert McCracken, my EX best friend and his boyfriend. The two of them are just trying to get me jealous, and sure as hell it's working. 

I looked up from my sandwich that I was currently poking, and sure enough on the clear other side of the lunch room I see Frank with his tongue down Bert's throat. 

"Just three more weeks Gerard," I reassured myself. "Three weeks until its summer and you could get ready to move California."

I got accepted to Berkley, the only university I applied for. It's only so I could be as far away as I could from those two, and also so I could see my dad. My parents weren't divorced, but my dad got a job at some huge company, and we couldn't afford to move the whole family out. 

"Hey Gerard," I heard my brother, Mikey, say as he sat down next to me. "Pete was telling me that I was invited to the senior's end of school party, and he also said you're In charge of bringing snacks."

"I'm only going if you tell me Bert and Frank aren't going," I spat.

"Every senior is invited, and they're allowed to bring a few friends. They're both seniors so of course they're going."

"I'm not. Have Pete give you a ride okay, oh and if you get laid be sure to use protection."

"Gerard just go, please. Who knows you might have fun!"

I sighed, "I haven't had fun since Halloween. And if I remember correctly the day afterwards was when Frankie dumped me."

"Too bad, I'm making you go. It's tonight at seven," Mikey stated as he said standing up and kissing my head. "Love you big bro."

"Love yah too shortie," I said smiling at the irony of his nickname. Mikey was the pure opposite of short. 

The bell signaling the end of lunch, and for most seniors like myself the end of school. I took fifth and sixth hour off, only because music, art and English were the only classes I still needed credits for. I grabbed my black backpack, stood up, and strode towards the doors that led to the back parking lot. Once outside, I found...Bert and Frank...making out...on the hood of my car. I walked over to them and pressed the car alarm button on my keys, and the two of them stopped and jumped up looking at me. 

"Sorry Gerd," Bert said wrapping his arms around Frank. "We didn't know you had the rest of the day off."

"Uh-huh," I said crossing my arms, jutting out my hip, and biting the inside of my cheek. 

"So," Frank said, since Bert was busy with the shorter ones neck. "Are you going to the party tonight?"

"Yeah," I said giving him the evil eye. "And I suppose you an Robert are going."

"Mmhm, what better way to celebrate our fourth month together?"

"Not sure."

"Can you ask Mikey if Pete has any spare bedrooms? Bert and I may need one."

That was to much for me. I flipped him off and got in my car. Putting the keys in the ignition and blasting my Black Flag cd, I sped out of the school grounds. Yes what I did was immature, but he deserved it by telling me his sex life with Bert. When we were together we haven't done anything. I was ready, but he wasn't, and I respected that.
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