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Ch. 2

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I pulled up to Pete's house, Mikey sitting in the passenger seat. Putting the car in park, my brother grabbed my arm.

"Gerard," he said looking at me. "Do you think Pete and I should... Y'know take our relationship to the next level?"

"Do whatever you feel is right. Only you know what is right and wrong, but make sure he's sober."


I nodded and got out of the car, Mikey followed. He was holding a box of beer and a plate of special brownies. This party is going to be good. Doors were open, music was blaring, and I looked around. Well, I never knew this many people were gay. Ray Toro and Bob Bryar were making out in the sofa, Lynz Ballato and Jamia Nestor were grinding, Billie Joe Armstrong was necking Jared Leto, and Matt Bellamy had his arms and legs around Dom Howard as they kissed. I smiled when I saw Mikey and Pete run upstairs hand in hand, but that smile faded when I saw Bert with his hands roaming around some girls body. What if Frank saw? He'd be devastated! I just need to find someone sober and ask if they saw what happened. I looked to my left and saw the two Mormon boys, Brendon Urie and Dallon Weekes standing awkwardly in the living room. 

"Hey have either one of you seen Frank Iero?" I asked walking over to them. 

"Yeah," Brendon said. "He saw Bert with that chick and ran off to the bathroom."

"Thank you! Oh and guys this is a party, let loose."

Brendon smiled and glanced at Dallon before he pounced on the other, kissing his face. Aw they're so cute together. Ugh stay focused you need to find Frank. I strutted over to the bathroom and knocked a few times. 

"Go away I don't want any of your shit!" a sobbing Frank Iero yelled. 

"Frank it's Gerard open up," I said pounding on the door. "I would like to know what happened."

There was the click of the lock and Frank opened the door. I took a good look at him. His eyes were bloodshot, cheeks stained with tears and his short fluffy hair looks as if he's been grabbing at it. The sight surely broke my heart, Frankie shouldn't be treated this way.

"Come in," he said walking over to the bathtub. "Close the door."

I did as I was told and watched him lay down in the tub. He looked so small and fragile, sobbing, curled up in a ball. I just wanted to hold him and protect him from the dangerous world, but I couldn't he wasn't mine. Nor was he Bert's, anymore. 

"Frank are you sober?" I asked sitting on the edge of the tub. 


"And do you recall Bert having a drink or more?"

"He hasnt. He sent me to go get some and I came back and he..." Frank trailed off sobbing, his tears like a waterfall on his cheeks. 

"Oh Frank I'm so sorry," i gasped rubbing his arm. "I'm here for you. We can stay in here all night, if you like that is."

"Give me a few minutes, I wanna go back out, and... And dump Bert."

I nodded, and found a rag. I got it wet and started to clean up Frank, washing away all signs of tears. He stood up and kissed my cheek, I smiled, grasping his hand in return. I missed this, the sweet moments Frank and I used to have. 

"Gee, are you thinking about... Us?"

"Yeah. Ugh I'm sorry," I said wiping away a stray tear. "I shouldn't be crying over it."

"You should."


"Cause I am thinking about them too."




"I love you," he said grabbing my face and kissing me. The feel of his soft lips on my own, I haven't felt in so long. His tongue started to poke at my lips, and I parted them slightly to allow him access. The pink muscle danced with my own, before ghosting over my teeth. This feeling was all to new to me, and a low growl escaped my throat. Wrapping my arms around his small torso, I lifted Frank up and placed him on the countertop. We stopped kissing, and I started to bite and suck up and down his neck. 

"Oh Gerard," he moaned in my ear. "Oh right there baby."

I started to lick right under his ear, his sweet spot. Biting and sucking one more time on the bruising skin, I got more and more pleased sounds from Frank. It was quite arousing. 

"Baby," I whispered into his ear. "Fuck. Me." 

That's all he needed before he tore my shirt off of me and started running his hands all over my body. I undid my belt and kicked off my skinny jeans, exposed in my batman boxers. 

"Aren't those mine?" Frank questioned as he checked me out. "Oh someone's excited!"

I licked up his neck moaning. My hands slipped up his shirt, and stroked his tattooed body. His moans were driving me crazy, I couldn't stand this anymore. Pulling Frankie into my arms, I plopped down in the bathtub. Frank quickly threw of his shirt, and I took my sweet precious time with his pants. He was on top, looking down hungrily and my body. When his pants were at his knees, I sat up and pressed my tongue to his bulge. 

"OhmyactualfuckinggodGerarddontstop," he said in one long moan. "Thatfeelssogoddamngood!"

I licked his dick and the insides of his thighs, before I used my teeth to pull down his plaid boxers. Glancing up at his erection, I swear I started to drool. He was so yummy, and I wanted him to my self. I pressed kisses all the way up his legs, and when I got back to his thighs I smiled. 

"Baby you're perfect," I whispered before taking him in my mouth. I've been waiting for this for so long, and it's actually happening. Frank and I are going to have sex. I started to slowly suck and move my head, my tongue swirling around his cock. His hands knotted into my short black hair, helping me with my movements. There was a slight amount of precum when I decided what I wanted to do. I took my mouth off of him with a 'pop' and looked up at the hazel-green eyes god. He looked back down and frowned. 

"Baby, why'd you stop?" he asked  letting go of my hair. 

"Well i do want you to cum inside of me, but I want it in the other hole."

"Oh Gerard," he moaned before pressing his mouth to mine. Franks hands grazed down my body, reaching the hem of my boxers. In a swift movement they were gone and so was Frank's mouth. I watched him suck on his fingers, and I knew what was coming. 

"Baby I can't wait much longer, just skip preparation. I promise you it won't hurt." 

Frank nodded, placing both his hands next to my head. My legs found their way around his wait, and I wiggled my ass for him. He thrusted in and I yelped in pain. 

"Sorry!" he said kissing my forehead. "Just tell me when okay?"

I inhaled and exhaled a few times, and nodded my head. The shorter boy started to slowly rock his hips, thrusting into me deeper. I moaned, which caused me to clench my body and curl my toes. 

Frank took immediate action my grabbing my throbbing erection. He timed the thrust of his hand with his hips, gaining speed and strength each time. There was a bubbling in my lower abdomen and I knew what was coming, but I wasn't ready for it. The next thrust brushed my prostate and I moaned, my voice filled with lust. 

"There? Was that it?" 


He giggled and slammed into me repeatedly, hitting that one spot each time. 


"Keep moaning for me Gerard! Fuck you're so tight!"

I threw my head back screaming as I unleashed my load, covering both of our stomachs. Frank groaned and I felt his load explode into me, his eyes were rolled into the back of his head and his jaw dropped. 

"That was," I gasped as he pulled out. "That was fuck, that was amazing."

"Yes Gee, that WAS fuck," Frank chuckled kissing my belly button. "And you taste good. I just want to lick you up!"

In fact that's what he did, he licked my stomach clean of all cum. We stood, and since we were in a shower bath, we showered. I was massaging shampoo into his hair when he spoke up. 

"Will you take me back?"

"When you break up with Bert, I will."


"Yes, I loved you that whole time. It hurt seeing you kiss him, because I knew that wasn't me. But it is once more."

"You're perfect."

"You're perfect," I sang. "And we're prefect together! To be forever DANCING THROUGH LIFE!"

"Wicked, our sixth week anniversary date. You loved that musical."

I smiled, happy that he remembered both facts. Frank stood under the stream of water when I finished with his hair, and I started to press soft kisses to his shoulders. I also noticed the mark I've left on him. Thats physical proof he is mine. 

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