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Ch. 3

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Everyone was passed out or barely awake, clothing items were strewn everywhere (like my boxers which Frank now had over his shoulder), and Bert was walking over to us. 

"Hey babe," he said leaning towards Frank for a kiss, which he avoided by putting up his hands. 

"Bert we need to talk."

"About what? I sent you for drinks and you didn't come back, this is the first party I went to and came home sober!"

"Good then you'll remember this," my little Frankie said standing tall. "I'm. Dumping. You."

"What?! WHY?!"

"You should know why you twat! You were making out with some life size Barbie doll!"

"Oh! My girlfriend! Rebecca flown in from Florida last week, I invited her!"

I kicked that skank in the crotch, before wrapping my arms around Frank. He was all mine now, my Frankie. 

I pressed my lips to his head, mumbling how much I loved him. Rubbing my hands up and down his arms, Frank let out a heart filled sigh. 

"Take me home? Or your place? Any where but here, the party is pretty much dead anyways."

I looked around, Matt was holing Dom's head, Jamia and Lyn-Z disappeared, Bob's face was nested in Ray's 'Fro, and Brendon was snuggling with Dallon, both awake. 

"Yeah," I mumbled taking out my phone. "Let me text Mikey."

"How's he and Pete? They still together?"

"They may have done the same thing we did."

I noticed Frank smiled, and detached himself from my body. He happily wrapped one arm around my waist, and I draped an arm over his shoulders. This may be a shock to everyone at school, but who cares? I'm happy, Frank seems happy, and Bert is probably happy with that whore Rebecca. 

"So," I said escorting him to the door. "You never told me where you're going to college."

"Only cause you were to pissed at me to ask."

"Sorry 'bout that."

"It's fine. And I am going to UC Berkley, they have a nice English program."

My jaw dropped and I engulfed the shorter man in a giant hug, "WE'RE GOING TO THE SAME SCHOOL!"

"I know, I saw you wearing your school sweater a few weeks ago during that freak storm."

"Remember our third date," I mused. 

/Frank drove us to the fucking Fair. I HATE Fairs, it's to happy for me. Well when we got there, rain was pouring down on us, and Frank drives a convertible. Always with the top down. He looked kinda disappointed, cause I knew he wanted to see the games they had. I brushed his soaking wet hair out of his face, and for the first time... I kissed someone./

"That was a magical day."

Frankie's legs were now wrapped around my waist, "It sure was."
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