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This is Only the Beginning...

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Chapter Thirteen: It's Only the Beginning...

The sunshine filtered brightly through the windows as Kori Grayson awoke the next morning. Rolling over, she looked at Dick Grayson, who was sleeping peacefully beside her. Staring at him intently, she let her mind wander about the future. What would life hold for them now that Red X was gone?

Sighing, she wondered if her husband was awake. Her thoughts were interrupted by a voice beside her. "Hey, you're awake."

"Indeed I am, Dick." She looked into his sky blue eyes, and he stared back into her emerald green ones. Dick gently began stroking her face, his lips meeting hers in a sweet kiss.

"Hey now, I need to breathe," Kori gasped, pulling away.

"Kiss now, breathe later," Dick chuckled, pulling her to him. They kissed again, his lips sliding tenderly over her mouth as she wrapped her arms around him. Kori quietly ran her fingers through his dark hair as she moaned softly into him.

"I've always wanted children," Kori stared intently at her husband.

"Then let me give you children, Kori." Dick Grayson pulled her into an embrace that she couldn't resist.

Deep in the heart of Jump City, Mammoth ran silently, stealthilly through the deserted streets and alleyways until he reached a seemingly abandoned building. He entered without a word, shutting the door securely behind him. This building was once a school. It was the H.I.V.E.

All was dark at the H.I.V.E, not a sound to be heard except for Mammoth's heavy breathing. A lone figure was waiting for him, a bright light shone around her silhouette.

"Jinx, we're all here. Now what do we do?"

"Tell the others that our time has come," replied Jinx's icy, emotionless voice. She didn't even turn around to look at her old friend.

"How long has it been, Mammoth?" she asked.

"12 years at least, Jinx."

"12 years of hiding, sneaking around like animals. But now the time has come. We don't have to hide anymore. Inform the others that school is back in session."

"And who is the Headmaster of the H.I.V.E.? Brother Blood was destroyed by," he spat out the name with venom, "the Titans."

"There is no Headmaster./ I /am /Headmistress /of the H.I.V.E." Jinx replied.

"Who gave you that position?" Mammoth demanded.

"Who else is gonna take things from here now that Brother Blood is gone?" Jinx shot back. Mammoth shrugged. "Just as I thought," Jinx smirked" Where's Gizmo?"

"I will contact him, Headmistress," Mammoth turned to leave. Boy, do I feel awkward calling her that! He thought as he vanished into the darkness. I'm not stupid. Why does everyone think I am just because I'm big and bulky, I'll show her, that little snot. I'll show them all.

Jinx stood alone, watching him leave. She didn't say a word; she just looked off into the vast emptiness of the abandoned school building. All the H.I.V.E. students had fled after Brother Blood was destroyed by the Titans, mainly Cyborg, who had come there as a spy to see what was going on inside their school.

She formed an instant crush on Cyborg, or "Stone" as he had called himself then. He was instantly likable and attractive to boot. She had helped him through his initiation, which took a lot of guts for her to help someone new. They'd become friends, she had even asked him to the Sadie Hawkins dance with her. She actually thought she had found someone special.

But then they discovered who he really was. And even after that, he had refused to join them.

"You could have been one of us," she had told him.

"I could have been a lot of things," was his response.

He had left, rejoining the Titans, refusing to stay, and in a way, refused to be with her. She'd gotten over that now. She'd learned that love was wasted on the young and that she could never trust anyone like that again. She had nothing to live for, nothing but the H.I.V.E.

Now was the time to strike the Titans. She'd waited 12 years for this day to come. Jinx smiled for the first time in what seemed like an age. The Titans were going to fall. But Cyborg would fall hardest, she'd see to it herself.

She would personally destroy him. The time of waiting was over. "School's in session," she said to herself. "Now the fun begins." Turning around, she vanished into the shadows. Soon, Cyborg. Soon we'll see each other again. And it won't be a friendly visit either.

The school year for the Hierarchy of International Vengeance and Extermination Academy for Extraordinary Young People was back in session.


Special thanks: To all the reviewers who enjoyed this story. I plan on writing the sequel A.S.A.P. Thank you LaUgHiTuP for pointing out a slight inconsistency with my other story that I explained away. Thanks to D.C. comics for inventing the Teen Titans. Thanks to those smart people who turned it into a TV show. Thank you Jesus for writing talent, what would I be without You? Thanks for all the suggestions, comments, and feedback. So nice knowing you all. Thank God for this site, because I would be bored without it!
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