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“I kicked your ass, stole your gun, and almost used it on you, but you’ll give me a ride to the next safe zone?” she snorted. “You’re either incredibly stupid or planning something.”

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I watched as clouds of dust billowed out in the distance and smiled. I knew what that meant: a car was coming. And pretty fast by the look of it. It had to be four or five miles away.

I ran out to the road and set my device down. I pressed a button on the remote as the gadget flashed red and smiled. I ran back up the hill I had come from and hid behind a rock. I watched as the car crept closer. When it was about fifty yards away I pressed a button on the remote and watched as they slowed down. When the car came to a complete stop I realized my mistake; they were killjoys too!

Of course they were, why would BL/ind officers be all the way out here? I sighed and watched them file out of the car. There were four of them. One had long, bright red hair, another had crazy blonde hair, a shorter one had long black hair, and the last one had an afro type-thing. Weirdos.

The red-haired one started speaking. “Kobra you stay here and watch the stuff,” he addressed the blonde man. “We’ll go check things out.” The three, led by the red-haired man, walked in the opposite direction of me and I sighed in relief. At least they wouldn’t see me.

When they were out of sight and the one they called Kobra turned his attention in another direction, I stepped out.

Kobra’s POV
I turned around, checking everything to make sure no one was around, when a swift kick pulled my leg’s out from under me, landing me face down in the sand. I quickly stood back up to be faced with a girl, not much older than me. I lifted my hands, not prepared to fight her. She quickly grabbed my wrist and flipped me over onto my back before I could defend myself. She planted her foot on my chest and leaned down applying unnecessary pressure.

“Now how do you expect to protect yourself in a position like this?” she asked. She smirked and removed her foot from its place on my chest, holding out her hand to help me up.

As I stood up I took in her appearance. Her hair was a dark brown, it had braids running along the side of her head that fell into the rest of her hair. She wore a masquerade mask that was striped electric blue, pink, and yellow. Her shirt was striped electric blue and yellow with a baggy, gray, paint-splattered half shirt that was torn in multiple places over it. She also had on a pair of black canvas shorts. Her shoes were blue plaid converses that were colored at the tips. The left shoe was colored golden and said ‘HEY’ in orange and the right was metallic blue and said ‘MOON’ in metallic purple.

She smirked as I studied her. “Take a picture, it’ll last longer.” I hadn’t realized I was staring.

She sat on the hood of the car and I took a step closer to her. “What’s your name?” I asked her.

She stood from the car and sauntered towards me. She brought her face close to mine. Our lips inches apart, she whispered, “Kaleidoscope Sunrise.” My heart raced at our close proximity. She chuckled and whipped around twirling a ray gun I hadn’t noticed earlier on her finger. She leaned against the passenger door and looked at me. “Well this has been fun,” she said, still twirling the gun, “but I must be off. Don’t worry, I won’t tell a soul that I caught you off guard.” She stopped twirling the gun and caught it by the handle. Then I noticed it was my gun. When had she taken it from me?

She turned and started walking away from me. “Hey!” I shouted, grabbing her shoulder. She whirled around and pointed my gun at me, gripping it with both hands.

“Who’s got the ray gun here?” she asked with a smirk.

I looked over her shoulder and noticed that Party, Ghoul, and Jet were back. All three had their guns raised and pointed at her. Party cleared his throat and she looked back at them. She turned her attention to me again, smiled, and twisted around to face them, hands in the air. She looked back at me for a moment to throw my gun at my feet.

She took a deep bow, her arms out at her sides, “Kaleidoscope Sunrise,” she said as she stood up. She pushed through the three in front of her and continued walking down the road.

I didn’t have a chance to think of what I was doing before the words were out of my mouth. “We’ll take you to the next safe zone,” I shouted to her disappearing form.

She stopped, spun on her heels and was back in my face quickly.

“I kicked your ass, stole your gun, and almost used it on you, but you’ll give me a ride to the next safe zone?” she snorted. “You’re either incredibly stupid or planning something.”

“I’d opt for stupid,” Party said, glaring at me.

Kaleidoscope let out a loud laugh and turned to him. “I like you,” she turned back to me, “I don’t trust you,” she said with malice in her voice.

Party cleared his throat again. “Excuse us Ms. Sunrise, but I’ve got to talk to my brother for a second.” He pulled me away from the rest of the group. “Kobra, we don’t know her and have no reason to trust her. Hell, if we hadn’t showed up when we did, you’d be dead. And besides, we don’t know what’s wrong with the car.” He was right; we didn’t know anything about Kaleidoscope.

“Umm, boys,” she said from behind Party, “you really need to work on your whispering…” she laughed. “And I think I can help you with your car troubles.”

Party and I looked at each other with doubtful looks on our faces, Kaleidoscope only smirked. She turned around and started walking down the road the way we came. When she was about ten yards from the car she leaned down and picked something up. She pulled a remote out of her pocket and pressed a button. Whatever she picked up flashed green in her hands. The car rumbled back to life and Kaleidoscope smiled.

“Problem solved.”

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