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6 Months Later

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I know im suddently skipping forward 6 months xD

Me and the co writer Dani. decided to just move the story along because we dont want this story to drag and drag.



6 Months Later

Louise stepped off the plane and to be honest she never felt happier, while she was in England she had also lost weight and her hair grew and was now midnight black. She smiled at home and couldnt wait to get to school tomorrow, she only got back and wanted to automatically go to school, she was spending the night in a hotel so that noone would she her before the school day. When she got to the hotel she went to sleep wishing for the night to dance away.

Dani sighed and stretched in Andy's arms. He was still fast asleep but she was wide awake. Another nightmare. She shuddered. It had been so vivid! Luckily it was morning. "Come on lets go to school" Danielle said kissing Andy awake.

"Eh" Andy said

"Come on" Danielle dragged him out of the bed and they got changed, Ever since Louise had left, Danielle had been living with Andy. He sighed as she got changed, he never got tired of looking at her perfect body. She blushed and pulled her top on hurridly. She was so insecure but he had no idea why, she was beautiful, his angel.

They left the house quickly, planning on a rather unhealthy breakfast of doughnuts on the way. They met Gerard, Ray, Mikey and Frank at the school gates, walking in together. Then she froze, the others walking on a few steps before they realised she'd stopped. ',' she shook herself, 'it can't be!'

Louise had her back turned to them and was smoking her cigarette while having both her earphones in blasting Bon Jovi. Danielle was certain it was Louise because finally know that she is back maybe just maybe she could finally stop Gerard drinking and ending up killing himself. 'Andy,' Dani whispered, tugging on his arm.

'What?' he whispered back.

'It can't be...but, look,' she whispered, pointing to Louise. At that moment, Louise switched off her iPod and wrapped the headphones around it, dropping it into her pocket. 'LOUISE!' Dani screamed, sprinting towards her. The two sisters met halfway, sobbing and hugging. They held on for an eternity, each one glad to have her twin back. Then they pulled apart and Dani slapped Louise across the face. Hard.

'OW!' Louise roared. 'What the fuck was that for?'

'THAT,' Dani yelled, 'was for leaving for SIX FUCKING MONTHS!' Louise slapped Dani back twice as hard.

"OW!" Dani said

"IT WASNT MY FUCKING FAULT" Louise said. Gerard was frozen solid.

"OKAY!" Danielle said

"I see your still the same" Louise smiled.

"Yes and WHAT DID YOU DO TO YOUR HAIR?" Dani said feeling Louise's black hair.

"Dad" Louise smiled. She pulled back her own hood to reveal shaggy jet-black hair wth red streaks. She grinned then turned her back on Louise, walking back to Andy and Gerard. Dani wrapped her arms around Gerard, pulling him close. He buried his head in her hair as tears rolled down his face.

'Shh,' she whispered. 'It's okay.'

"I just cant believe thats her" Gerard whispered to Dani.

"LOUISE!" Frank shouted jumping onto Louise and she landed with a thud on the ground.

"FRANK!" She screamed hugging her best friend


'I'M NOT GONNE LEAVE,' she screamed back.

'GAWD I MISSED YOU!' Mikey roared pulling her up from the ground and pulling her into a ginourmous bearhug. Dani still had her arms wrapped around Gerard and she wouldn't let go for the world. The look in his eyes; he looked like he would throw himself under a bus.
Once Mikey had finally released Louise, Louise looked over at Gerard and Dani and she was shocked. Gerard seemed thinner, his hair was alot more shaggier and he looked as if he had not eaten for months and was even more paler than before.

He looked pale and sick, almost malnourished. He had bags under his eyes and his wrists were so skinny it almost looked like his bones were about to split the skin. She gasped, tears rising in her eyes. What had happened to him? Louise couldnt speak, this had just fully shocked her, but her hands were cupped over her mouth and the tears were dripping down her face.

'G-G-G-Gee?' she whispered.

Gerard looked up from Dani slightly cringing at the sound of her voice again. His eyes were bloodshot from the crying and the alcohol...and the weed. He felt light headed as he looked at her. The Facebook photos did her beautiful face no justice. He'd missed everything about her, her smile, her voice, those beautiful blue eyes. How many nights had he spent dreaming about the taste of lips, her soft skin and those eyes? One too many aparently. Danielle let go of Gerard and smiled at him and then Andy entwined his fingers securley with Danielle's. Gerard then pulled Louise into a hug wrapping his arms around her waist for the first time in 6 months, Louise wrapped her arms around his neck taking in his scent.

"I missed you so fucking much" Gerard said, the tears coming out of eyes at the shock of all this, why hadnt she told them she was coming back? Why did she never visit? He didn't want to ask Louise any questions yet he just wanted to hold her and never release her ever again.

"I missed you too" Louise managed to choke out the words. Gerard looked at her eyes and wiped away her tears smiling at her, thankful she decided to come home, he just hoped she wouldnt smell the alcohol or the weed off him. Unfortunately though, she did. His breath stunk, his eyes were bloodshot and he looked so skinny he could have been snapped by her bare hands. She leaned her head against his chest and just stood like that, even when the bell went and Dani led Andy and the others off to their first class.

Once the others were out of ear shot Louise broke away from Gerard "What happened?" Louise said.

'Huh?' he muttered, not looking her in her eyes.

'You look...oh Gerard,' she whispered, her voice cracking as she imagined him drunk and high. She then began to cry, Gerard pulled her into a hug again, he couldn't deny it, she knew and that was it.

"How long?" Louise asked.

'Since you left,' he whispered. There was no point lying, it was find out from him or find out from someone else

Louise's eyes were wide. "I-i will stop i promise i will stop" Gerard said taking both of Louise's hands and looking at her directly in the eyes. Louise looked down then back up again. "Okay" Louise said allowing her fringe to fall over her right eye but something stopped her from believing him.
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