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"I cant believe it" Danielle said to Andy at lunch.

"Yippeee" Andy said sarcastically. In a way he was jealous that Louise was back because Danielle will want to spend time with Louise and not him. In a way he was glad Louise had left because Danielle had moved in with him and had a ginat confidence boost and before Andy had even arrived he knew from Frank that Danielle had always just follwed Louise and not let herslef shine and for the past 6 months he had seen the real Danielle and was scared that she would fall back into her old habits. If that did happen he would literally just make them both fight so that Danielle's true personality can enlighten. She was so confident and free it actually shocked him because he had helped her get out of her shell and he was not going to let her crawl into it again.

'Six months!' Dani exclaimed. 'Six. Fucking. Months,' she snarled. 'I though she was never coming back!'

'I know baby,' Andy whispered, kissing he top of her head. They sat down at a table where Gerard was already waiting for them. Louise was still in class and would not be out for at least another ten minutes. As usual, Gerard had next to nothing on his tray, which was why Dani had bought extra food to give him. He shook his head but she forced him to eat a muffin. Andy rolled his eyes but Dani elbowed him in the ribs.

Louise then walked out of class and seen of course Bert who still owed her money. "Bert!" She smiled.

"LOUISE?" Bert pulled her into a hug.

"Heyy" Louise smiled

"Oh you look amazing, how have you been?" Bert said.

"I have been well you?" Louise said

"Great" Bert said

"Good and wheres my money?" Louise said

"Its has been 7 months-"

"I want my money!" Louise said.

"Okay i will have it for tomorrow!" Bert said

"Good" Louise said then walked up to the canteen where her friends smiled. erard immediately leaped up to find her a chair. She grinned and sat down. Gerard smiled and sat down beside her, sneaking glances at her from the corner of his eye. "Your not eating" Louise said
He shrugged and muttered something about not being hungry. She pouted and handed him an apple. He shook his head and handed it back to her. She shoved it back and pouted. 'Pwease! Pwease eat it for me Gee!' Louise said, putting on a lisp and giving him a cute puppy-dog look. "You said you would stop and go back to normal since im back" Louise reminded him. Gerard looked at her innocent blue eyes

"okay" He smiled at her and felt warm inside as she smiled back while he took a bite from the apple. "Thank you" She smiled kissing his cheek. He took a bite of the juicy apple and she smiled even wider. She pulled his face round so that she could kiss his lips. He melted into her and she slipped her tounge into her mouth.

'Ugh!' Andy muttered, shoving away his tray. Dani shot him a hard look, looked back at her sister and then rolled her eyes at him. She rose from her chair dragging him with her and led him out of the canteen, round the back of the building to where a bench stood in the shade, below a palm tree. He smiled as she kissed him and pulled her down onto his lap.

"My life is so much better now" Dani smiled kissing Andy, Andy allowed her tongue to venture into her mouth while he slid his hand lowly up her shirt cupping her left boob, she smiled and kissed him harder. "Wanna skip school?' Dani asked, in between the kisses.

'Ooohh!' Andy muttered, wiggling his eyebrows. 'You're such a bad influence on me!" he teased.

'Yup, I'm a rebel,' she said with a wink and he led her to his truck.

Gerard smiled and entwined his fingers with Louise's as the bell went for next class. "Art" They both said and grabbed their bags and headed up to the art room hands still interlocked. Andy drove Dani down to the beach where he took her a million times before, he just felt safe there and free to do anything.

They pulled off their tops and pants and just lay down on the warm sand in their underwear. She sighed and storked his chest, ran his fingers through his hiad and eventually let her hand rest on his chest where she could feel his steady heartbeat. "i feel so relaxed" Danielle said

"Same" Andy then kissed her. While Louise was away the girls had also turned 17. "Dani?" Andy asked

"Yeah?" Danielle smiled

"Maybe we should y'know get our own place instead of living at my mum's" Andy suggested. She considered that for a a second and then grinned.

'I'd love that,' she whispered, leaning her head up to kiss him. He slipped his tounge inside her mouth and pulled her body on top of his. His fingers tangled in her hair and she felt his pulse speed up as she responded to the kiss.

"Im glad school is over" Louise said to Frank who was in her IT class

"Im glad your home" Frank smiled hugging her.

"Your my best friend Frank" Louise said

"I know because im fucking epic like that" Frank smiled. Louise laughed and they walked past a bunch of cheerleaders

"Well look who it is, its the fucking emo's!" The head cheerleader shouted. Louise turned around

"Well at least i dont cover myself up with trashy makeup and have a new boyfriend every day" Louise said straight into her face.

"Oh now i reconize you your dating that guy Gerard? Who is what starving himself? Clearly a little scared to break up with you because he will die alone with his greasy hair and you are just plain unattractive" She said. Louise slapped her so hard across the face she fell

"Come on" Frank grabbed Louise's arm and literally had to drag her away because she just slapped the head of the football teams girlfriend, Louise never changes. She laughed and sauntered away, turning around briefly to give the cheerleader the finger. Frank shot a dirty look and dragged her on, back to her convertable. Louise just shot him a dimpled smile and climbed in, starting the engine as he climbed into his truck. 'I'll follow you to the doughnut shop,' he yelled over.

'Sure!' she called back. She'd missed American doughnuts. England had nothing on them for that! Louise did as she was told and did follow Frank to the doughnut shop. She had waited so long to do that to the cheerleaders it was eating her alive. She smiled at the face the cheerleaders had given her but she knew she was going to be in deep shit tomorrow. She parked her convertable and seen Frank and Mikey sitting in the doughnut shop. "Hey!" She smiled walking in

"Herro!" Frank jumped on her. "You are so screwed tomorrow" Frank said, Louise had always got herself into deep shit and he hoped she didn't get into any in England because usually he was the one that pulled her out of the situations she would get herself into, some of them were not pretty.

'meh!' she muttered, swaggering up to the counter to ordered a jam doughnut with sugar on the top. She licked her lips in anticipation as she smelled the coffee.

"Order yourself a coffee" Frank said

"Yes i will" Louise smiled and ordered the coffee. Then Mikey and Gerard arrived in the shop.
Mikey ordered an espresso, grinning at Louise but Gerard hung back. He felt awkward, what could he say? She had been in England for six months...he felt like he didn't know her anymore. That had stung.
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