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Drama on the Front Page!

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What lengths would you take to find your family?

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"Today is the 15 year anniversary of the disappearance of Gerard and Lucy Way's daughter, Riley Penina Way." The person on the news said. Gerard Way is the singer of my favourite band, My Chemical Romance. His daughter was born on my birthday, and her middle name is my first name. She went missing on her 6 month birthday.

'Watcha watching?' My younger sister, Caitlin Mae, asked. She had long, curly, chocolate brown hair with a side fringe, which she always changes the colour of. Today it's forest green, which matches her eyes.

'The news.' I answered.

'You watch the news everyday!' She sighed in boredom.

'That's because everyday things change.' I laughed. She's only just turned 14. So she's about a year and a half younger than me.

"The family, for the first time, have agreed to show a picture of what she looked like the day before she was kidnapped." The newswoman said.

'Let's watch something else!' She said grabbing the remote.

'Wait! Let me just see the picture.' I said. She agreed. What came on the screen was something neither of us expected. It was a plump baby. She had tiny strands of chestnut brown hair, like mine, and the exact same eyes as mine. Surely it can't be me.

'I... is that you?' She asked. I shook my head making those stupid thoughts leave my mind.

'How could it be? I'm me. Besides, they're in America. I'm from London.' I answered not very convinced in what I was saying. It was like that picture was my ghost.

'Penina, out of all the baby photo's I've seen of you, none of them are younger than that. Also, that's just like you.' She said pointing to the T.V.

'Casper, you know it's not. Sure she looks similar, and the coincidences of her actually being me is uncanny, but it can't be. Okay? The whole world was looking for her that day. I would've been found.' I said. One of her nicknames is Casper, because she's so harmless and ghostly pale.

'Hey guys, we're home.' Mum said. I quickly turned off the T.V.

'Hi.' I responded feeling really shocked right now.

'Are you two okay?' Dad asked.

'Fine.' She answered.

'I'm going to show Cait something in my room.' I said. She looked at me puzzled.

'Okay, but once you're done you two help unload the shopping.' Mum told me. I took her hand and dragged her to my room.

'What do you want?' She asked. I stood next to my poster of Gerard Way.

'You don't honestly think we look alike do you?' I asked. She shook her head.

'You look slightly like Lucy Mae. Her eye colour and face shape.' She told me.

'Look, it can't be true alright?' I asked myself more than her. She just stayed silent. That's when we heard shouting from the kitchen.

'She deserves to know the truth Susie!' My dad shouted at her.

'Yes, but she's too young to understand. When she's older, but not today. Not now.' She screamed back.

'She's going to be 16 in half a year. You just keep putting it off!' He growled back.

'Richard, I don't think that she'll ever get her head around what we did. It was for the best. I mean have you not seen her parents. I can't believe she even looks up to them. They poison young peoples minds with those lyrics, and it's just best she never knows.' Mum said in more of a whisper. If that's not proof I don't know what is. I need to find my family. My real family.

Woohoo! First chapter completed! I'm really excited about this one. There were so many auditions, and I somehow managed to squeeze you all in! I hope you like it! In other news, my babysitter from Greece just showed me her daughters wedding, and she married a millionaire who owns a T.V. channel there. Also, it's my cousins birthday today. She's in her 30's. She used to work for MTV, then I think she co-owned a music business thing, and she's a music video producer. When my dad visited them, we got freebees from Skee TV, where she works/worked, and I got some headphones so that was nice! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this. I plan for it to be a lot longer than my last one! XD xx
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