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I'll See You Again One Day

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The journey to Penina's past begins.

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'So, do you think mum and dad kidnapped you?' Caitlin asked me. I shrugged.

'Someone did.' I answered very uninterested in everything at the moment.

'Penina, you need to confront them.' She told me. I shook my head.

'No way! Cait, they'll probably lock me up in some secret room they have. I need to find out my past. On my own too. I'm going to runaway. And you can't tell anyone.' I told her. She looked unsure. 'Casper, please. You have to promise me!' I begged her.

'Fine. I won't tell.' She said. I gave her a quick hug.

'Give me your phone number. I'll phone you whenever I get the chance. I need to keep my phone here though. They can track me with it. And whenever I call you, you need to delete all evidence!' I told her. She nodded her head. She wasn't happy about this, but she knew it was for the best.

'When are you leaving?' She asked. I sighed in regret.

'Tonight. I'm going to pack my things during the day. When mum and dad leave for "dinner" which now is probably a meeting with someone who could blackmail them, I'll leave. When I get there, I promise I'll call you and tell you everything.' I told her.

'Wait a second.' She said as I was about to open the bedroom door. She climbed up some sort of stool, and grabbed a box from the top of her wardrobe. When she opened it, there was at least £200 in there.

'Where did you get all of that?' I asked. She shrugged.

'I saved up. I admit, I stole some of it from you when we were younger, but I don't want you to go with no money.' She said. I was about to cry. I just gave her a hug.

'Keep it. I've got enough to get by. Besides, I don't need that much if the police won't look for me. And they won't. Mum and dad wouldn't dare call them if it meant them going to jail.' I said kissing her forehead.

About five hours later, I was all packed. I took a big rucksack, and another big holdall, and put as many things as I needed or couldn't think about living without, and went to the front door.

'Penina, please, for the love of god, know what you're doing.' She told me.

'I never know what I'm doing.' I joked, but it was slightly true. 'I'll see you again some day. I promise.' I told her. I then left the house. I took a bus ride to a cheap motel for the night. I know that the people who look after those places know that they're for people who don't want to be found. On the way there I bought some hair dye. Temporary, but hopefully enough to last until I get there.

Goodbye Penina. Hello Riley!

I know. I'm a liar. I said I'd put up the next chapter tomorrow, but I'm just not tired. So, even though this is a bit short, enjoy it! There will be some more tomorrow! XD xx
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