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And if Heaven aint got a Vacancy

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My plan was simple. Book a room for the night, take a train to Heathrow, and book the earliest and cheapest flight to L.A. When I got inside the lobby for "Heaven's Lodge" which was really a cheap and dirty motel, I was instantly greeted by an annoyed, Mediterranean man. Probably in his late 40's.

'Hi. Can I take your cheapest room for the night?' I asked him. He shook his head.

'No rooms available.' He said in a thick, Colombian accent. That's the biggest piece of crap I've ever heard. No one would want to stay in a place like this.

'Are you serious?' I asked shocked.

'Next room available in 1 hour.' He said pointing to his sign in book. I wrinkled my nose in distaste. Obviously when I get in there, it wouldn't have been cleaned from those people's... events. But I had no other option.

'I'll take it.' I said. I waited in the lobby for an hour. And there was only one thought that was circling through my mind. I am completely, and utterly crazy.

Even if I am this family's long lost daughter and sister, I don't exactly have much to go on. And besides, what would I even say? "Hi, I think I may be your daughter, I just have a different name and I'm from an entirely different continent." I don't think so. I'm just basing these on assumptions. Although, now I think about it. That girl did look a lot like me. It was scary. It's like I'm her grown up ghost.

'Room 5.' The man said handing me the keys. I smiled.

'Thanks.' I said. I then went to the room. It was absolutely disgusting. But I had no time to think about that.

I got in the shower, dyed my hair green. Weird choice, I know, but it was the cheapest one there, and then I went on the internet. I searched Riley Penina Way. Over 1000 results.

Most of them were conspiracy theories. Such as, maybe Gerard and Lucy hid her and are conning people out of there money, or that she's dead. They're all horrible. But there was one website that seemed to have a lot of information.

She was a fraternal twin. She had one older sister and one younger sister. Her uncle has two kids. She was stolen from her bedroom that she shared with her twin. That's kind of odd. Why would you just take one when there were two right there?

I looked around the room. A payphone. Excellent! I dialed in Cait's number. She picked up after one ring.

'Hey, it's me. Pretend it's one of your friends.' I said.

'Hi Rose. Let me just go to my room. I'll have to be quick though.' She told me.

'Casper, is everything alright?' I asked. I heard the faint noise of her door closing.

'They're worried sick. They didn't call the police though. There's only one logical reason for that.' She said.

'That I was kidnapped. Yeah. I don't know why though. They're clearly able to have kids.' I said.

'Yeah. I'm confused too. I've got to go though, otherwise they'll start screaming at me for talking to my friends when there's a family emergency though.' She said.

'I know what they're like. Bye Cait. I love you.' I said.

'Love you too.' She said before hanging up. I then went to bed, and had an uncomfortable sleep. Well, it wasn't exactly a luxury place to be.

Chapter 3 complete. XD Do you guys want to know what happened to me in food tech today? A guy hit my head with an oxo cube (an inside joke) and then splashed me with water. I was not amused. -_- Anyway, I hope you enjoy it! XD xx
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