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You leave in an hour

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A sooner flight than Penina expected.

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I woke up the next morning. I got dressed quickly, and made sure I didn't leave anything behind. I gave the keys to the man in the lobby, and got on a bus that went to the nearest train station. The next train to Heathrow leaves in 3 minutes. I ran to the platform, making it just in time. I sat down next to a sweet old man who was talking to me about his life. He was actually really nice.

'Of course it was a terrible time. So many lives lost, but I saved my best friend. That meant more to me than anything else.' He said. He was so inspiring.

'Wow. That's amazing. You could have died for him.' I said.

'Well, I would've rather died than let anyone else. So Penina, where are heading off to?' He asked.

'I'm going to America.' I answered.

'Me too. I'm going to Florida. My daughter lives there. She's going to have a baby any day now.' He told me. 'So, why are you going? Without your family I mean.' He asked.

'It's kind of complicated. I know my parents won't tell me, so I need to find it out for myself.' I said vaguely.

'Find out what?' He asked.

'The truth. I don't think I'm who I think I am.' I answered.

'And who do you think you are?' He asked, sounding genuinely interested.

'I think I was kidnapped. I know it sounds crazy, and it's really unlikely, but I just think that's the truth.' I told him. He smiled sympathetically.

'It doesn't sound crazy. Nothing sounds crazy if you believe in it that much. It's like when you were younger and you thought you could fly, except the feeling's much more real.' He said. That's exactly what it felt like.

'Yeah. It is. I'm going to L.A. My family, if that's what they are, were originally from New Jersey, but they moved to L.A. a few years ago.' I told him.

'Oh. I love L.A. My wife and I went to California for our honeymoon. We didn't have a lot of money you see, and we had some friends who let us stay there for the week.' He told me. That's when the train stopped. We said goodbye to each other, and he gave me his phone number if I needed anything. He was so friendly. His name was William.

I found someone who worked there and asked the very important question.

'Hi, do you know when the next flight to L.A. is?' I asked. She was one of those orange people with yellow, more than blonde, hair. She flashed me a fake smile.

'I'm sorry Ma'am. You'll need to ask someone at the desks.' She said pointing to a big line. I waited in the queue that seemed to last for days, and finally, I reached someone.

'Hi. I need to go to L.A. When's your next and most cheap flight?' I asked.

'The next one leaves in an hour. There is one seat available, and it's £200.' He answered.

'I'll take it.' I told him. After this I'd have only £100 left to spare. He handed me a ticket, once I let him look at my passport, and went to the boarding lounge. I had to go through a similar process with the passport, and then I got on the plane. I sunk into the chair when the air stewardess went through the safety procedures. This was it. Hopefully in a few hours time, I'd see my family. And hopefully they'll be glad.

That's right! The fourth chapter is in the completed state. Carrying on from my last A/N, the same guy threw an egg outside the window, and it landed about an inch away from the teachers car. That was so funny. I'm also really excited for tonight! The Midnight Beast's show starts! I've been a fan of them for about 2 years, and it's finally happening! It looks so good! I hope you like this chapter! XD xx
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