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Are you my neice?

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After finding her parents address, how does Penina get found?

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Once I got off the plane, I wanted nothing more than to just get to their house... or my house... I don't really know if I'm honest. But I saw another pay phone. It's time to get Caitlin Mae to help me. She picked up really quickly again.

'Penina! I've missed you so much! They've gone out looking for you and left me with a babysitter that doesn't know any English!' She said happily.

'I've missed you too. I need a favour to ask you though.' I said. She sighed in annoyance.

'What is it?' She asked.

'Have you ever been in the loft?' I asked her.

'Not on my own. Why?' She asked.

'I need you to find something for me.' I told her. 'You know how mum and dad told us that they kept diaries before we were born?' I asked her.

'Oh god! Please don't make me look at them. It'll be like 50 shades of grey!' She said disgusted. I was really confused.

'Hold on... you read that book? Even I didn't read that book. I love books!' I squeaked.

'I didn't, but one of my friends did. Anyway, what do you need?' She asked.

'I need you to find an address. If you can find their house that's perfect, if not, give me all of the addresses in the books. Particularly in the 1997 diary.' I said. About 5 minutes of fiddling with the loft door to get it open, and another 5 minutes of mumbling, she said an address excitedly.

'It says Mr and Mrs Way, 15 Evelyn Place. Sounds expensive.' She said. She would make a great detective. With my help of course. It would be like I was Sherlock and she was Watson. I love her to pieces.

'How can you tell something's expensive just because of what it sounds like?' I asked.

'Well, it just does. Evelyn Place sounds like where snooty people live. They're not snooty though, they're awesome. The complete opposite of mum and dad.' She answered.

'You're crazy. You know that?' I asked making it obvious that I was smiling.

'I learned from the best.' She joked. I giggled.

'I'll call you soon Casper.' I said.

'You better!' She said before hanging up on me.

I went outside and hopped into a taxi.

'Where to Miss?' He asked.

'15 Evelyn Place please.' I answered.

'Sure thing.' He said. We were then on our way. It was about half an hour. The cab driver had great taste in music. He turned on the radio, and we were listening to classics like The Beatles and Queen. When "Don't Stop Me Now" came on, I felt more determined than ever. We arrived soon enough though, and now I wasn't sure I could do this.

'Miss...' He said. I shook my head.

'Sorry, I sort of blanked out for a sec. How much is it?' I asked.

'$28 please.' He answered. I gave him a $50 wad of cash.

'Keep the change.' I said. That felt so good. I always wanted to say it. When I got out of the car and gathered my belongings, he drove away, and I stared at the house for a while.

It was... gorgeous! Almost indescribable. It had a marble stone driveway, with a small, square patch in it with a couple of exotic plants and two palm trees. On one of the palm trees, I noticed a faded, yellow ribbon tied around it. Perhaps it was for one of their birthdays a while ago. The actual house was perfect. On the left, there was a stone, white painted building with ginormous square windows, and on the right, there was a taller, but thinner building made of polished wood, and glass front doors.. It was all one house though.

This got me thinking. If they are my parents, I would just be a waste of space. They've lived without me for nearly my whole life. I would just be like an annoying waste of space. I turned around to leave, find a payphone, and apologise to mum and dad, but as I did, I saw someone who instantly recognised me.

He's Mikey. From d... Gerard's band. He's the bass player. His eyes widened, he dropped the bag he was carrying and it landed with a loud smash on the floor. It was clearly filled with glass.

'Riley... is that you?' He asked looking as if he was about to pass out. What the hell have I done?

Whew! That was fun to write. It took a while though. Mainly because there was a giant mouse in my room and my cat almost fell off my wardrobe... but anyway, I hope you like this chapter. It was so much fun to write! You'll all be in the story soon. I know it took a while! Oh, and before I forget, this is the house ---> XD xx
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