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Meeting the family

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How does everyone cope?

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He stared at me as if I was made of gold.

'It is, isn't it? You're Riley. You look so beautiful.' He said. I fiddled with the bottom of my shirt in nervousness.

'I honestly don't know.' I answered. He looked confused.

'What are you talking about? You're Riley.' He said. God, that sounded weird.

'Uh, my name's Penina. I mean I don't know because this all started a few days ago. Mum and dad are gonna kill me!' I said angry at myself.

'Ri... Penina, come inside okay?' He offered. I nodded my head and he took me in.

I looked around. It was so gorgeous. But it seemed too perfect. Gerard went to the front door. He stared at me. He knew who I was.

'Oh my god!' He exclaimed! He was so happy. He ran up to me and gave me a massive hug. I hugged him back. I started crying too. What happened was too much in just a couple of days.

'I'm scared.' I cried.

'It's okay. You're safe now.' He cooed while stroking my head. Suddenly I realised. Caitlin Mae!

'I need a phone.' I said. I was shaking from everything that just happened.

'Listen, it's okay. We're going to call the police and they'll arrest whoever kidnapped you.' He said.

'No!' I said in fear. 'They didn't do anything to me. I just need to talk to Cait.' I said.

'Who's Cait?' He asked.

'My sister. I need her.' I said.

'Dad, what the fuck is going on?' Asked a girl who looks slightly older than me. She had long, wavy, chocolate brown hair on one side, and on the other it was dyed red and shaved, it looks a bit fluffy now. It must have grown out. She also has bright blue eyes with golden flecks in them.

'Rachel, no swearing. Get your mother.' He said. She noticed me then said something I wasn't expecting.

'Do you want anything to drink?' She asked. I shook my head.

'I'm fine.' I answered.

'Okay. Mum, dad wants you!' She shouted to the other room. I liked her.

'Look, this was a mistake okay? I should just go.' I said turning around to leave.

'No. You're not leaving us again Penina.' Mikey shouted blocking the door.

'I need to!' I said as calmly as I could. At that point everyone came out.

'What the hell is going on?' A woman asked. I turned around to face them. They all gasped.

'Where were you?' Gerard asked.

'I found her at the door.' Mikey said.

'I asked her Mikes.' Gerard reminded. Mikey rolled his eyes.

'I want Cait okay? I want Caitlin!' I screamed. I was on the floor crying again. I've made the biggest mistake of my life!

How was it? I'm off ill today so that's why I'm updating now. Who saw The Midnight Beast last night? I'm so proud of them! I was so happy! Make sure you R&R because it makes the author happy! I hope you liked it! XD xx
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