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Just to be sure.

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'Riley? Is that my little girl? All grown up?' Lucy May asked astonished. Her hair was dyed and long. It was dark blue with black at the end, and a stripe of pink. She also had sea green eyes.

'I don't know. I think so.' I answered. She nodded.

'Do you want me and Gerard to take you somewhere private?' She asked.

'Yeah. Okay.' I answered. Lucy took my hand and guided me into what I'm assuming is the kitchen. Gerard followed behind us.

'So, what makes you think you're Riley?' She asked.

'I don't know. It's stupid. I just saw that picture on the news, and immediately me and my sister thought it looked like me. It... it can't be though. I mean, I'm from a different country and I don't even have the same name.' I said.

'What is your name?' Gerard asked.

'Penina Dayne.' I answered. They looked at me in shock.

'Dayne?' Lucy asked. I was so confused.

'Yeah. Why?' I asked.

'That son of a bitch!' Gerard shouted storming out the room.

'Gee, calm down.' Lucy said chasing after him. I've probably done something wrong. I always do. Just then a guy walked into the kitchen. He looked a bit like Frank. He had black hair that went to the nape of his neck, he has grey eyes, snakebites, and a nose piercing. He's quite attractive. I shouldn't really be thinking about that when I'm in this situation, but sweet lord I'd tap that.

'Don't mind them. They're just a bit stressed out. They always did that when they babysat me.' He said reaching out his hand. I noticed he was wearing guyliner.

'It was my fault. I fucked this up. I shouldn't have come here.' I said.

'Are you kidding? Everyone's been looking for you. For years. No one's stopped. Not even me.' He said. I smiled. He managed to make everything seem alright.

'Thanks. But even then, I'm still not sure I'm the person you're looking for.' I said. He rolled his eyes.

'Oh come on Riley. It's you.' He said.

'My name's Penina actually.' I said holding out my hand for him to shake.

'I'm Andy Jago Iero.' He said shaking it.

'I wish I could've just stopped myself from doing this.' I said.

'Why?' He asked.

'Because I've messed everything up. I don't even know who I am.' I answered.

'There's an easy way to find out you know.' He said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

'What?' I asked.

'A DNA test.' He said.

'Don't they take a while? I mean it seems like forever on Jeremy Kyle.' I asked. He giggled.

'Oh my sweet English rose, you make me laugh. Sure it will take a few hours, but it's the quickest way to find out the truth.' He said.

'Even so, after everything that's happened, I'm not sure I can handle any more of the truth. It hurts too much.' I said.

'It'll be okay Penina.' He said. I heard footsteps coming towards the kitchen.

'Andy, come out here now. Stop hitting on her. She's clearly under a lot of stress.' Frank said. I was a bit shocked and embarrassed if I'm honest.

'He um... he didn't hit on me.' I said.

'Come on dad. Relax. I was just talking to her.' He said.

'You seem to "just talk" to a lot of women. You're such a man-whore! Out now!' He said angrily. Andy sighed and left the room.

'Sorry about him. He's just growing up.' He said giving me some water.

'He's fine. Where are Gerard and Lucy?' I asked.

'Well, Gerard is on the phone to the police, which you don't have to worry about, and Lucy's gone to talk to your sisters. She prefers to be called Lu Lu by the way.' He told me.

'Have I ruined everything?' I asked. He shook his head.

'If anything you've made things better. But if you want to ruin Andy's happiness, just tell him he's wearing nice eyeliner. He gets very angry.' He told me. I giggled.

'I'll bear that in mind.' I said.

Hi guys. Andy, I'm sorry I made Frank call you a man-whore, but meh, I felt like I needed to. Don't worry, you turn out non man-whoreish in the end! Haha. I hope you guys like this chapter! There will probably be more tonight! XD xx
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