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Getting to know everyone

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What's everyone like?

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Once I finished my glass of water, which for some reason tasted different than in England, Lu Lu took my into the lounge. I saw Rachel from before, and two other girls.

'Penina, this is Rachel.' She said pointing her to me.

'Hey girlfriend!' She said flamboyantly. That made me giggle.

'Calm down Rachel. Sorry, she can get a bit hyper sometimes. This is Sophie.' She said pointing to a girl with blonde, chin-length hair and blue-y grey eyes. She was also wearing glasses with a pink rim and purple strats.

'Just call me The Walking iPod.' She said.

'Um... Okay.' I said smiling. 'How come?' I asked.

'Beause I can relate anything to song lyrics. Test me.' She said.

'I can too. Um, begging!' I said, hoping she would sing the song from another one of my favourite bands.

'Baby when the world ends, you're gonna be begging me for sex!' She sang. She knew it.

'We'll be the only people that are left to resurrect in civilization!' I continued. I looked over at Lu Lu. She looked kind of annoyed.

'That was fun.' Sophie said.

'We should do it again sometime.' I agreed.

'Moving on swiftly, this is Abbie-Marie. You're twins.' She said pointing to the girl with long, black, curly hair, and hazely-orange eyes.

'Non-identical, obviously.' Abbie added.

'So, do you two have some sort of super mind powers were you can communicate to each other?' Rachel asked. I shook my head.

'No but that would be so cool!' I said. Just then Gerard came in.

'What's happening Gee?' Lucy asked.

'It's very likely it was them.' He said. 'They're going to look for them now.' He added.

'Wait, what do you mean?' I asked. He sighed.

'Penina, I went to college with Richard. We were best friends. But one day he found Susie. We gradually lost touch. About a month before you went missing we started hanging out again. He told me that he and Susie were trying for a kid, but they found it almost impossible. About 6 months after you went missing, we lost touch again.' He explained. I felt... empty. Like part of me has been taken away.

'I just... It's weird.' I said.

'I know Penina.' Lucy said.

'Even though it's probably 100% I'm yours, I think I need a DNA test. Just so I can get my head around it.' I said.

'We can do that if you want.' Gerard said.

'Thanks.' I said. A week ago I was just a teenager in London with a fairly functional family. Now I'm the found daughter of Gerard Way. My life's crazy!

Oh yeah! The Midnight Beast babay! XD The song's called Begging. It's awesome! Gawsh! I love it! I hope this chapter's good! Enjoy! XD xx
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