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Meet your cousins

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Penina meets her aunt, uncle, and cousins.

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Lu Lu stayed with me the whole time through meeting everyone. Gerard was a bit stressed, but he still offered to stay with me. Lucy said it's best that only one person stays, but we can catch up a bit later.

A woman with long, waist-length black hair, and blue eyes strode in and gave me a hug. I was a bit shocked, but I hugged her back.

'Hi sweetie. You probably don't remember me, but I'm Hollie. I'm your aunt. You can call me Hozzie though.' She said.

'Hi Hozzie.' I said.

'Let me introduce you to everyone.' She said sitting next to me. 'You obviously know Mikey, this is Ashley.' She said pointing to a bright orange haired girl with amber eyes that were hidden behind a pair of glasses.

She waved at me shyly.

'She's 16. And this is Jackson. He's just turned 14.' Hollie said.

'Call me Jaxx.' He said. He had short, choppy blue hair and hazel eyes.

'Hi.' I greeted. Oh shit! I still haven't called Cait.

'Penina, I'm sorry for blocking the door earlier. I just couldn't bare it if you left again. We were all worried sick for 15 years.' Mikey said crouching down so he was eye level with me.

'It's okay. Can I just talk to Caitlin? I need to talk to her.' I said.

'I'll ask Gerard okay?' He said. I nodded my head. When he left Ashley followed him. She was really shy. I know what that's like. I used to be the shyest person in my school, but when I changed schools, I changed personality, and I was loud and hyper all the time. I just couldn't shut up.

'Who's Caitlin?' Hozzie asked.

'She's my sister. She's the only person that knew I ran away. I need to let her know I'm safe.' I explained.

'Wait, you ran away?' Lu Lu asked.

'Well, yeah. They wouldn't tell me anything no matter how much I asked. So I ran away. I just needed to know the truth. It's the one thing I never got in London.' I said.

'It's okay Penina.' Lucy said. Mikey came in.

'He said you can talk to her for 5 minutes maximum.' He told us. I jumped off the couch and made my way to the kitchen were Gerard was.

'You know the rules?' He asked.

'Yes. I just need to talk to her.' I said grabbing the phone from his hands. She picked up, just a bit later than the last couple of times.

'Penina! Where are you?' She asked.

'I found them Casper.' I said. Frank and Mikey came in.

'What happened?' She asked.

'I'm going to take a DNA test. Listen to me Cait, you need to come here. Mum and dad are in trouble. The police are looking for them.' I said in fear.

'How the hell can I? I'm 14. I'm not allowed on the plane without supervision.' She said. She was right.

'But we need to think of something. I can't let social services take you!' I exclaimed.

'Okay, I think I know how, but I can't tell you just yet. You'd freak out. I'll see you in about a week.' She said.

'Cait... wait!' I said, but it was too late. She hung up. I put the phone on the table. She's one sneaky little shit, no matter how much I love her.

Another chapter done. I hope you like it! Do you guys want to hear a little rant about my cat? I love him, but I hate him so very much! He sleeps on the top of my wardrobe, he sleeps in a place so that I can't put my duvet on, and then he sleeps on my hand when I'm on the computer. His name is Smudge. He's such a sod! I love him though! Anyways, I hope this chapter satisfied your reading taste-buds! Enjoy! XD xx
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