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Yep... I'd definitely tap that!

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The Iero meet and greet session.

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'Penina, is everything okay?' Mikey asked. I looked up and dug my nails into my palms so that I wouldn't cry.

'Yeah. I'm fine. Let's just continue with meeting everyone else.' I said. I walked back into the living room.

Once Jaxx and Hollie left, the Iero's came in. Frank and Andy I already knew, but there were two other people that I don't know. I could've sworn I saw Andy wink at me when he walked in, but I was probably just imagining it.

'Hi Penina. My name's Lucy, but you can just call me Luce.' Lucy said. She had curly blonde hair and blue eyes.

'Hi Lucy.' I said. I was still thinking about Caitlin. What the hell is she planning? She probably has no clue what she's doing.

'This is my weirdo brother Matthew.' Andy said pointing to Matthew. He has shaggyish rainbow dyed hair, and brown eyes with glasses.

'And you've clearly met my obnoxious brother, Andy.' He retorted.

'Boys, stop it.' Frank warned them.

'We're not boys dad. We're men.' Andy said trying to flex some muscles and kissing his biceps.

'Keep telling yourself that. Maybe some day it could come true.' Matthew said. I giggled.

'Nice one Mattie.' Frank said high-fiving his youngest son.

'You two are just jealous.' Andy said.

'Yeah right A team. At least I'm good enough in bed to stay with one person.' Matt said.

'You two had best still be virgins.' Luce said. They all clearly loved each other, that's why they were comfortable embarrassing each other in front of strangers without it being a big deal. Andy took off one of his shoes and started beating Matthew with it.

I went inside the small huddle and took Andy's other shoe. I then took the one in his hand.

'What the ever-loving fuck? Why did you steal my shoes?' He asked.

'Because there was violence involved. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to make myself I beverage.' I said walking out of the room taking his shoes with me. Gerard was there in silence.

'Give me my shoes.' Andy shouted running in. I noticed his feet.

'Not until you fix that monstrosity!' I said.

'What monstrosity?' He asked.

'Your socks don't match.' I stated. Just then, Sophie came running in.

'Odd socks on my toes. Toes. Taking off all my clothes. Clothes. So I put back all of my clothes... uh, back on.' She sang. I started singing the rest of the Tik Tok Parody by The Midnight Beast with her. It was so much fun. And we both ended up on the floor in hysterics. We did say that we had to do it again sometime. Andy got his shoes back though. He was really attractive when he's angry. I mean, he's attractive anyway, but still. I'd tap that.

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