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Drowning in afros and anger managment.

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The Toro's are very... afroish, and the Bryar's are just a tad bit angry!

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Once we all settled down, I went back into the lounge to meet the Toro's. When they came in, my first thought was "holy afro!" You have no idea. All the guys had afro's. The girls... not so much.

There was a girl who couldn't have been much older than me. She had long, neon pink hair and dark brown eyes. She also had loads of tattoos and snake bites.

'Hey kid.' Ray said high-fiving me. Because he was wearing a leather jacket, I couldn't tell if his armpits were of the same afro level.

'Hi.' I said. He was incredibly tall. I'm not sure if it's some sort of optical illusion because of his hair, but it looked unnatural.

There was a boy who looked a bit younger than me. He looked exactly like his dad, especially his eyes which were dark brown. His hair was black though, whereas his dad had brown hair. But his afro was giant!

There was also a woman with shoulder length, blood red hair. She also had hazel eyes. She shook my hand.

'Hi sweetheart. I'm Raven, but everyone except from Draven and Leena here calls me Rave. And this is Ray.' She said. Just then Gerard came walking in.

'Guys, I'm sorry for interrupting, but the police are gonna be here soon.' He said.

'Ugh, I don't have to do a bloody interview do I?' I asked. He shook his head.

'No, they're coming for the DNA test. So we kind of have to hurry up the introductions so she can meet Bob and the family.' He said to everyone. They all nodded and made their way to leave.

'Penina, you can talk to us about anything.' Raven said before she left.

'Are you okay honey?' Gerard asked. I nodded my head. Then they all came in.

'Wow. You look so... grow up.' A woman with long, straight, ebony black hair with a full fringe and emerald green eyes said.

'That's what tends to happen Analeigh.' Bob joked sarcastically.

'Shut up Bob. Penina, this is Liam-Richard, but you can call him Lee.' She said pointing to a really tall guy with short blonde hair that is gelled to the left side at the front and spiked at the top and shaved at the sides, and he also has the same eyes as his mum.

'And this is Anna.' Bob said pointing to a girl with choppy, dark brown hair that was put up in a messy bun, and she had light blue eyes like her dad.

'Hi.' She said.

'Hello.' I said back. Bob took a sip of what I thought was coffee from a mug. He then spat it out and made a disgusted face.

'Leigh! You put in two sugars didn't you? I asked for three! I always ask for three.' He shouted.

'I put in three you moron!' She shouted back.

'Do you mind?' Gerard shouted at them. They looked guilty, then calmed down.

'Sorry about that. I know we look like we hate each other, but it's really our own way of getting even closer.' Leigh told me. I smiled.

'That's okay.' I said. There was a knock at the door.

'We'll get out of your way.' Lee said.

'Okay. It was nice to meet you guys.' I said. Lucy looked a bit stung at my words, but she managed to collect herself.

'I'll get the door.' Mikey shouted from the hall. I heard the mumbling of a couple of voices, and then a police man and police woman came in, with a needle. Well, at least I don't mind them.

Oh. My. Actual. Life. That took ages to write. I don't even know why though. It's half to do with this stupid internet, and the other half of me thinking about what Jesus would do if he met a talking cow, because for some reason, my train of thoughts went through crazy station! Anyway, I hope you enjoy it! XD xx
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