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marriage to Rune

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meet another Character! Rune!

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"I won't! I won't! I won't!"! Cried sixteen year old Rune one of the daughters of the high house; Barzenbane. The Barzenbane was a very rich family and was a bloodline to the throne of the South. Unfortunately arranged marriages were still quite common with high families, despite the heavy opinions of the soon-to-be-wed.
"I won't!" she screamed once more into the large study room of her father's, complete with thick rigs, carved furniture and morning light streaming through the windows with crimson curtains
"You must!" said her father "we have already accepted their offer, and you shall be wed by the month!"
"I will not!" cried the girl once more. Her crimson eyes were dark with anger; her maroon hair was tucked behind her ears. She was unlike any girl of the royal family; an odd spark was alive in her
"You shall do as you are told! I will not speak of this matter again until the eve on the night you join their family" and with his finial word he walked out of the green papered wall hall, leaving his daughter in the natural light by the window.
Rune kicked the violet cushioned chair, her eyes streamed with tears. She had not been raised by family, but by close servants that taught her right from wrong, fairness among folk and to think for yourself and the wellbeing of others. In the case of money however, her family shared different views. Rarely, did her family have time for her; rarely did she have time for family. Rune was always off on horseback, in the library studying maps and neighboring lands, exploring new parts of her castle home. She new every secret, corner, crack and hiding place the castle had- having made several of them herself. Many times she was told to be more lady-like, and now she would have to be for at the end of the month she was due to marry prince Fredric the fifth son of the throne of the Southland Equador. Rune had never heard or seen him before, as he had not her; and Rune was prepared to keep it that way.
"All tha' shoutn'! No wonder no one's happy these days" said Molly as she bustled into the room pushing a table on wheels with pots of tea and fruit cakes. Molly was Rune's right hand maid and best friend in the castle. She was quite short and spoke in a Gaelic accent. Standing by the door she had heard her Lord's marriage plans for his daughter, and was quiet shocked. Pulling a white handkerchief with an embodied rose in the corner from her apron pocket "There you be now pet" she said handing it to Rune "Everything will work out for the better, it is as great Jorgon said 'If nothing seems to be going you way then you need to change direction' you'll find your feet soon pet"
"It's a one way road I'm afraid moll," said Rune looking at her shoes "and it's father's road. He shall not change his mind this time. I do not even know a 'prince Fredric'!"
"Well I've checked and I have permission to remain your maid even in the other castle; if you go, I go!"
"But I do not wish to go. There I so much more I want to learn!"
"There is so much you already know! Why you're the best archer in all of Equador!"
"I do not know that, I have never ventured out of the city!"
"You're not supposed to leave beyond the palace walls" said Molly disapprovingly "If your father found out..."
"He would flog me for an attempt to break his reputation and start rumors, nothing more. How many people have you seen with dark red hair hmm?"
"May I remind you Rune, that I was not born but raised in Aramoona. For them, Violet hair with mauve eyes is nothing strange but common. I believe you have some of their blood in you"
"Molly, you are one out of a million. Most city people have not even heard of the island"
"Thankyou my lady, but if you wish to escape from the marriage then I suggest only one coarse of action...please, do not scowl at me for it"
"What is it?"
"To gather up money and positions and leave the city. Settle down somewhere where you shall be happy, to live a life lived! Follow your heart and not a map and marry for love and not for riches by force"
To Molly's surprise, Rune did not become angry but instead had her hand on her chin; thinking.
"They would surely come searching for me...sending out an army or something"
"Maybe my lady, maybe...but if you leave at night they will not discover your disappearance till the morning, and that should give you a few hours start"
"I think" said Rune eyeing Molly carefully "that you have had a long think about this.
Am I right?"
Molly bit her lip and avoided her master's eyes "I knew you would not go through with the wedding my lady, you are too strong minded to be told what to do by a person who does not know you as well as I. It was the best plan of action I could think of, other then going through with the ordeal"
Rune nodded as Molly continued "I thought you could go to Aramoona, you would fit in well there, or on your travels you could say you were from there. Settling down by the sea in the East is another idea or maybe the rich farmlands in the north of this country. You now much of the land in books my lady, where would be your first destination?"
"To the east and west woods of Antheor. The fairies may give me some protection until this blows over...but I'll have to prove myself if I am to"
"Find a traveling companion" suggested Molly "go with them! They maybe someone on the street or in a hotel that may help you..."
"Stab me in the back and take my gold. No thanks. I shall follow your suggestion and travel to Aramoona. They are good folk and will take me in as their own. Oh how I have always wished to travel, and now I shall seize the chance! If you manage to get away I will meet you on the shallow bay on the north end of Aramoona"
Molly smiled; it was good to see her master's spirit again "I will ready your bags my lady, and take a horse. I will mark the stable door with three indents. Good luck my lady, may our paths cross again in the near future"
"Thankyou Molly for all you have done. May our paths cross again!"
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