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Let's Just Sit Back And Watch This World Explode!

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Things are not what they seem... In a world that keeps changing, how do you know who can you trust?

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Okay, this story used to be killjoys make some noise, but I've re-written it, because it was really bad and far to rushed, I may not update this all that often, but I will try, it will be the same basic storyline as the other one, but with a lot of little things different so it is still fun to write (and so that it is better) anyways, I hope you enjoy it :D

I winced at the shrill sound of the bell ringing throughout the harshly lit, tacky white painted corridors, announcing that our day of torture/school had started. We were only half way through the school year and I already felt like blowing my brains against the ceiling… I shuffled into the same class room I had always walked into first thing in the morning for two whole years, I mean why the fuck would they make us do maths in the morning, every single fucking morning for two whole years? I looked down at my shoes, trying not to make eye contact with anyone as I hurried to my usual spot in the back corner of the dull coloured class room. No-one sat next to me, as usual. No-one dared get that close to the freak, I thought venomously. I slowly pushed my raven black hair out of my eyes as I raised them so that I could stare out the window, getting ready to ignore everything and everyone for the rest of this horrible day in this god-awful place.
The teacher walked in to the class room, someone followed close behind him, I didn’t bother to look at who ever it was, what did it matter? They were just another person that was most likely going to hate me without even taking the time to get to know me, another person who would make their opinion of me from what others told me, not from what they actually knew of me, which was nothing... The teacher stood at the front of the class and cleared his throat to gain our attention, here we go, I thought.
“Class, we have a new student here today, this is Sarah. Sarah, there’s only one seat left, so you go take the seat next to Gerard,” said Mr Bryar as he indicated for the new girl to sit next to me. Poor kid, I thought with contempt, she would probably hate this class now, no one wanted to have to sit next to one of the freaks.

I looked up slowly, to see who would be sitting next to me for the rest of this sure to be horrible year. I was completely and utterly shocked. I was expecting some fake blond bimbo who looked like she had been gang-banged by a packet of Doritos, like all of the other slutty fake girls at my school. But when I looked at her, I was shocked to see short, choppy jet black hair with bright red streaks, a messy side fringe that stopped just above her beautiful, grey eyes, heavily emphasised with eye-liner, a dark eye shadow and a small amount of mascara, her full, curvy lips which were painted dark purple and pierced with two small spikes smirked as she walked sassily towards me, she was wearing black skinny jeans which hugged her thin figure, a misfits T-shirt clung to her torso and her thin, pale arms were covered in bracelets and a tattoo of a snake, was it a viper? Wrapping around her arm.

“Hi,” she said quietly as she sat down, so she could avoid getting in trouble for talking by the teacher.
“Probably not a good idea,” I said back to her as I looked down at the desk.
“What? What’s not a good idea?” she asked with a small laugh. I looked up at her to see a small smirk on her face.
“Talking to me, no-one wants to be associated with the freaks,” I practically hissed, looking into her eyes.
Her smirk widened as she laughed and said, “you don’t seem any freakier than me.”
I couldn’t help but laugh softly at that. I knew that she would soon hear about the person that everyone else thought I was, and as everyone else had, she would probably believe them.
I looked down at my desk and stayed silent, figuring that there was really no point in talking to her now, even if she did look different to most of the sluts here, she would soon become one of them, she would soon hate me. We went the rest of the lesson without talking.


I walked quickly through the crowded, run down cafeteria, staying as far away from the jocks and slutty cheerleaders tables as I could, I just had to get to the art rooms, then I would be safe, just don’t get seen, I thought, be invisible.
“You stupid bitch!” I heard the lead cheerleaders yell at someone; my curiosity got the better of me as I turned around and risked a look at what was happening. Taya, the lead slut, was screaming at the new girl, Sarah? Anyway, Sarah just looked amused as Taya screamed at her, something about how she should watch where she was going.
“You ran into me bitch, so why don’t you watch where you are going,” said Sarah in a calm, mocking voice. There was a collective gasp from the rest of the population of the school, no one ever stood up to Taya, this was not going to end well…
“Excuse me? Did you honestly just say that? Bitch I will kill you!” screeched Taya, her face starting to go red with anger.
Yes, I did just say that, so why don’t you drag your head away from some guys crotch for long enough to see that none of them respect you, they are just using you. No one here actually likes you, you are all just as fake as each other,” laughed Sarah as she spun on her heel and started to walk away.

By this point it was obvious to everyone that Taya was not just going to stand there and take this, she screeched as she lunged out for Sarah and grabbed her by the hair. Sarah spun around quickly and punched Taya in the face, shattering her nose. Blood spurted everywhere, Sarah took a quick step back to avoid being covered in the thick, sticky, dark red blood that was falling at a rapid pace from Taya’s broken nose, but there was already a large amount of blood on her hand.

I could hear a teacher yelling, trying to push through the crowd of shocked teenagers, I rushed into the crowd and grabbed Sarah by her bloodied hand and pulled her away from the scene, we laughed as we ran through the corridors, heading towards the art rooms, towards safety.

We were both panting by the time we reached the art rooms.
“I really need to quit smoking,” I panted, trying to regain my breath.
“Me too,” she said as she leant against the wall, her non-blood-covered hand rested on her hip, it was then that I realised I was still holding her hand, I quickly dropped it as I looked down at my feet.
“She laughed as she asked, “so, why did we come here?”
“Oh! Yeah, this is where my group hangs out; you’re welcome to hang with us, that is, if you want to?” I asked nervously.
“Sure,” she giggled as she pushed the door open and walked into our groups little ‘haven’
“What took you so long?” asked Frank as we walked in, then, they saw Sarah, the group gasped in shock, their eyes widened, Mikey actually hid behind a table, Frank fell off his chair and Ray jumped back slightly, causing his massive fro to bounce back with him and then coming forward and almost envelop his face in all of its fuzzy glory.
“I-it’s a g-girl!” squeaked Mikey as he poked his head over the desk that he was hiding behind.
“Good observation numb-nuts,” I laughed, “Sarah, this is Mikey, Frank and Ray.” I pointed to each of them as I said their names. “Guy’s, this is Sarah, she just broke Taya’s nose.”
“Nice work!” laughed Frank as he got up from his stop on the floor.
“aaahh gah fuh,” mumbled Mikey.
“Don’t mind him, he’s never been all that good at talking to girls,” laughed Ray.
“Nice to meet you too Mikey,” laughed Sarah.
“nuh-nice t-to muh-meet you,” he stuttered. Sarah just giggled, causing his face to blush bright red in embarrassment.
Then, for the second time that day, my happiness was ruined by the shrill sound of the school bell, telling us all to get to class.
“I have music now, where is that?” she asked, looking at her map of the school and frowning.
“You’re in my class then, I’ll show you,” said Ray as he picked up his things and started to walk towards the door. At least things should be a little more interesting now, I thought as I walked to my next class.

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-Sarah xx
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