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Chapter 2

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Let's get awkward...

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hey guys (if anyone reads this) as I said at the begining of this, I'm probably not going to update this very often, but here you go, tada! a new chapter, please tell me what you think?
-Sarah xx

Gerard’s POV

The whole class was talking about the new girl breaking Taya’s nose, some were laughing, some were worried or in awe of Sarah even though they had no clue who she was, but everyone was shocked, no one had ever stood up to Taya. The teacher was just sitting at his desk, he had long since given up on trying to gain the attention of the class and was now reading a book, occasionally looking up when a student said something particularly loud, but mostly, he just kept to himself.

I laughed quietly to myself as I listened to some of the bullshit people were saying, someone said she had spent the last few years in juvenile detention, others were saying she came here from Australia, they were idiots… she had a jersey accent for fucks sake! There were so many stupid rumours, and some of them may be true, I mean, how would I know, I only just met her today, but they wouldn’t know either, they hadn’t even actually met her.

I got up quickly and walked out of the room when the bell went, heading to my favourite class, Art.

Sarah’s POV

Music was fun, as long as I ignored the not so well hidden stares and amusingly loud ‘secret’ whispers. I grabbed a bass guitar and went outside with Ray and we spent the lesson learning Vampira by the Misfits, he played guitar and I played bass and sang. I didn’t expect to make any friends on my first day, but Ray was really interesting, we talked and joked around until the bell went and he had to go to maths.

As I walked back towards the art rooms for my next lesson, I saw a group of guys looking at me, well, looking at my chest, and smirking, as I looked away one of the wolf whistled at me.
“Baby, lose the dark clothes and freaky make-up and you’d look so hot, what’s your name?” he called out, cockiness practically radiating from him.
“Sarah, although I wouldn’t expect that a meat headed gorilla resembling jock such as yourself would actually want to know my name, you just want these,” I said as I gestured to my reasonably good sized breasts, “But you know what? You are never going to get them, because you seriously remind me of a gorilla and I’m not into beastiality, so you can just have fun with your hand.” I laughed and walked away as they stared open mouthed at me.

Eyes followed me all the way to the art rooms, I was really starting to get sick of this, but I just ignored them.
I sighed in relief as I walked into the art rooms, there were only a handful of kids in here and luckily, one of them was Gerard.
“Thank god!” I said as I sat down next to him, “I was worried I’d be all alone in this class, you have no idea how much of a relief it is to sit next to someone who isn’t going to stare at me like a moron for the whole lesson!”
“Well this school is filled with degenerate half-wits,” he laughed as he opened his art book.
“I’ve noticed,” I replied as I opened mine.

“Okay class, today’s task is to draw the person sitting next to you, now don’t bother me for the rest of the lesson,” said the teacher as he sat down as his desk.
“Great teacher,” I said quietly to Gerard.
“Yeah, you can see how interested he is in our education, he really wants to help,” he said in a serious voice before we both burst out laughing, which earned us an annoyed look from the teacher and odd looks from the rest of the class.

“Okay, let’s do this,” I said once I’d stopped laughing. As I studied Gerard’s features I realized how handsome he was, in a slightly rough way, he was beautiful. I bit my lip lightly as I drew a rough outline of his face and slowly adding detail. I was startled when the bell rang, signalling the end of the class, other students hurried to pack up and get out, but Gerard and I stayed where we were, still drawing and occasionally looking up, it was lunch time anyway, so we kept drawing until the others made their way in one by one.
“I’m not done, can I give it to you tomorrow?” he asked once he finally looked away from his work.
“Sure, I’m not finished either,” I said with a smile, I was almost finished, but I still needed to make a few adjustments.

“Now that you two have finally joined us in the real world, what do you want from the cafeteria Gerard?” asked Ray.
“The usual,” he replied as he handed some money to Ray, all of the others except for Frank who pulled out a box of tofu and salad put in their orders and handed Ray the money.
“Do you want me to get you anything Sarah?” asked Ray.
“No, I’m a vegan, I brought my lunch with me, didn’t think they’d have any vegan options,” I said.
“They don’t,” said Frank, “That’s why I always bring my own lunch.”

Ray went to get the others lunches, which left Gerard, Frank and I to talk while Mikey stuttered and tripped over his words, he’s so adorable, I thought, he reminds me of a meerkat, all nervous and jumpy, but tiny and cute at the same time.
When Ray walked through the door with his arms full of food, Mikey and Gerard jumped up and practically inhaled their food before sitting back down.
We all laughed and joked for the rest of lunch, Mikey even made a few semi-coherent comments every now and then. I hadn’t expected to find even one friend at this school, but here I was, sitting and laughing with four guys who didn’t call me a freak or give me funny looks, I felt happier than I had in a while, I just hoped it lasted…
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