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MCR and the Used find an underground town of cannibals.

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“Aw man, what the fuck are you guys doing here?” Bert McCracken growled under his breath.
“Last time I checked this was a public beach.” Frank Iero muttered without even giving the angry douchebag his eye contact.
The rest of My Chem and The Used were playing by the water completely unaffected by Bert and Gerard’s rivalry. However, Gerard was sitting next to Frank watching Bert. Gerard never had a problem with Bert, but Bert was a different head. Frank handled this for Gerard. Frank was never part of this fued but he cared enough about Gerard to speak for him.
“Last time I checked you weren’t part of this.” Bert stood up and joined his friends by the water.
Gerard hugged Frank, smiled up at his best friend and thanked him for the help. “I just wish he wasn’t here to ruin this trip for you. This was supposed to be a My Chem bonding trip. No chicks, no bullshit, no tours, no fans, no pain,” Frank nudged Gerard with his cheek, “I’m sorry, should we pack up and leave?”
“No.” Gerard didn’t move. Gerard was one of those kinds of people who put others before him. If his friends were happy, then he was or he forced himself to be. “It’s only awkward if I make it.”
Frank smiled, “Okay.”
“Stop it Quinn! It’s cold!” Mikey flinched from the cold water being splashed at him and a squeak popped out of his lips. Mikey stupidly left his glasses on in the water and they were dripping water into his eyes. Quinn laughed evilly and continued to splash Mikey with the freezing lake water. Quinn and Mikey cliqued. They were the secret best friends between My Chem and the Used, as well were Dan with Ray. Jeph was just neutral.
Ray’s curls were flattened out by the river water. He was a professional when it came to being prepared, because he made it so he, Dan and Jeph were armed with water guns. In reality they were acting like a bunch of five year olds, but they never cared what other’s thought.
“Die mutherfucker!” Ray pounced and shot his gun at Dan. Mikey splashed back at Quinn with a swish. They were even more rowdy than the five year olds that were there. Quinn practically attacked Mikey with endless splashing and dumping of water on his head.
“Okay that’s it!” Mikey tossed his glasses onto the sand and tackled Quinn. They both slapped against the water and continued to act stupid by pushing each other’s heads under water.
Bert cleared his throat and looked at all of them. Everyone stopped.
“Hey.” Ray grinned awkwardly, “Long time no see.”
Mikey touched Ray’s arm with his elbow, “Don’t.”
Ray rolled his eyes, “Oh come on. That rivalry is between Bert and Gerard. No one else is involved. So if I wanna say hi to an old friend then I will.”
Bert scratched his head, “Thanks man.”
“None of us really know what the fight is about anyway.”
Quinn grabbed Bert’s hand and pulled him into the water, “Join us?” Bert expressed his answer with a dive under water to soak his long ratty hair. Bert joined the laughter and ganged up with Quinn on Mikey.
“Look at them. This is only my rivalry. Maybe I should leave so you guys can have a good time.” Gerard heaved a sigh, “I lost a friend, somewhere in the bitterness.”
“Bullshit.” Frank locked eyes with Gerard.
Gerard’s eyes widened.
“He was the bitter one. He was the angry one and if he wants to pick a fight, I’ll take care of it.”
Gerard laid his head on Frank’s chest, “I love you.”
“I love you too.”
Quinn gave Bert a look and they both picked up Mikey. Mikey kicked and screamed, “NO!”
They tossed him a small distance into the water. Ray, Jeph, and Dan clapped proudly. They all waited for Mikey to pop back up with a frustrated look. They waited until their own laughter died.
“Mikey?” Ray said. They waited a little longer as their smiles melted off their faces.
“It’s probably a trick.” Dan smirked, but it was wiped away quickly, “He can’t drown in this shallow of water.”
Bert dove down under; he glanced around with squinted eyes. He swam to the deeper part and held his breath as long as he could to get deeper, how could he get so deep so fast? The water was getting icy as he dived. He ran out of breath and leaped back up, “He’s gone.”
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