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Chapter 2

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Stress explodes now that Mikey is missing.

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“Why the hell would you do something like that?” Ray pinned it on Bert and Quinn like a dart to a target. Bert replied sarcastically, “Yes it’s our fault that we assumed that MIKEY, WHO WAS ON A SWIM TEAM, wouldn’t drown!” While Bert was angry as usual, Quinn was worrying and wondering.

It only took a few short minutes for glances of wonder to flood their space. Quinn spilled out everything to Gerard and Gerard became hysterical. He was stressing majorly and Frank was pissed off at all of the others for not watching Gerard's brother closer.
Bert and Quinn were the guiltiest. "We were only fuckin' around." Bert tried to explain to Frank. Quinn was spinning around in circles trying to make sense of things. "It wasn't like Mikey couldn't swim. He used to be on a swim team for God's sake."

They kept thrashing through the water. Everyone was thinking it was time to give up, but no one would. Most of them, by now, were pretending to look because there was nowhere else to search. Some looked out into the distance and some looked into the empty water. No one had considered it, but Quinn was hurting on the inside too. As said before, Quinn was one of Mikey’s best friends. Quinn had also lead to the possible death of his friend. So his heart was crumbling and his brain was frying. Bert was clouding his thoughts with anger. Bert was being coldblooded about this situation. It didn’t bug Quinn that Bert hated Gerard but it did bug him that Bert was starting to give off the impression that he didn’t care about Mikey.

"Maybe he hit his head." Ray scratched his head of curly hair. "Nuh uh. No way. Mikey's fine." Gerard was shaking and curled up on a beach towel. The people around the beach were all starring persistently. Frank would glare at a few of them and tell them to "leave us alone" but they wouldn't stop.

“The stupid kid is overreacting.” Bert mumbled.

“How can you say that?” Dan uttered in a concerned voice, “And how can you call him a kid? He’s older than you, stupid.”

“His brother is probably fuckin’ us in the ass. He probably swam away-- or maybe got carried away by the current. All I know is he’s fine!” Bert snapped.

“You just don’t want to get in trouble.” Quinn said.

Bert wanted to bite Quinn with a few harsh insults, but he kept his dirty mouth closed. Instead, he burned a hole in Quinn with a death glare. Bert couldn’t learn how to swallow his pride, so he easily was able to see Quinn as the bad guy. With both of them being involved they simply blamed each other.

“You like to think that Gerard is the one who is causing problems, but it’s you!” Quinn stomped off stuffing Bert’s anger right back down his throat.
Mikey must’ve swallowed a gallon of this freezing cold water before he reached a soaked, rounded, and scratchy floor. His lungs were burning as he crawled along this floor. His breaths shivered as his body did from the freezing air touching his drenched skin. He longed to see his surroundings but not only were his glasses gone, but it was pitch black. Am I dead? He thought. The sun he had seen merely seconds ago was swallowed by darkness. He dragged his hands along anything he could reach to discover his location. However, there wasn’t much to evaluate. It was just a possibly round tunnel with rusty coating. He was forced onto his hands and knees because of the height of the tunnel and because he couldn’t see himself moving after his lungs had been crushed and loaded with water. “Gerard?” the wimpy voice of Mikey echoed, “Ray? Frank? Bert? Quinn? Jeph? Dan?” He called name after name, pleading for a response. Just like when the guys lost Mikey, Mikey took into consideration that this was a joke.

“Come on guys, this isn’t funny.” Mikey whimpered. He listened to the mocking silence. He looked backwards finally and all it was was a wall. The wall was just as rusty as the rest of the tunnel. Mikey tumbled to turn around and patted his hands on the wall. His only choice was to move forward. Though, before he would move forward, he had to make sure it was safe to move forward, but that would never be guaranteed.
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