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Dinner with Supes

by Lirazel 1 review

A girl spends a odd night with her angel boyfriend and his supernatural roomies.

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It was a wet and humid night. I did not plan on going out but I was bored. A night walk would occupy and sooth me. All I needed was my hoody and sneakers. When I stepped out of my house, a moist mist refreshed my face. The streetlights only lit up the driveway and sidewalk from my house. The only thing I could see was the dark street and a row of few houses. I only walk through there in the daytime. This was my second time walking at night. I always carry my pepper spray and a pocketknife. I never was a fan of firearms. That is why I chose pocketknives and sprays. The gravel on the sidewalk made it easier for me to walk towards the wooded area without tripping. The air was still wet and the smell of rain was still in the air. I saw the moon pass behind a cloud making the woods light up. There were a few puddles of water that I managed to step in making my sneakers dirty. I reached into my jacket pocket and looked at my droid. I saw a text message inviting me to join my friend and his roommate’s house for dinner. The house that was giving the dinner was not too far away. It was just through the woods. The dinner was at seven and it was already 6:45pm."If I run I can make it there less than five minutes.” I said to myself. As began to speed up my walking I thought I heard a crunching sound in the distance. I looked around and I did not hear or see anything. I went into my pants pocket and grabbed my keys that had a small pepper sprayer on it and started to walk fast. I heard some ruffling. I sense that something was in the woods. It was a person, animal, or something. I was breathing hard. Not from the run but from the desperation to get to my destination before whatever it was in the woods could catch up to me. I saw the lights of the house from the trees. I had stopped to catch my breath. That is when I heard the noise again. It was closer. I got up and clinched at my pepper spray. I stood there backing up and not looking where I was going. I backed up into something causing me to scream. I turned around aiming my pepper spray at whatever it was and saw that it was Radziel my friend. He stood there 6’ and wearing a long black coat and boots with his piercing eyes. I Sighed with relief and hugged him."Oh, it is you.” I said embracing him. “Nice to see that you made it. I was going to come over to your house since you did not respond to my text." He said. “I was at the school all day. Finals are in a week and I had to meet up with my study group. We have a clause where we don’t use mobile phones when we are in session.” I said.” You could have just text under the table like you always do.” He said flashing me a grin."Hey, that is only for class not study sessions.” I said playfully pushing him. He then playfully tackled me on the damp ground. He was really strong and big compared to my 5’7 stature and small built. He always held back his strength when we play fight. He was not human most of all. We played wrestled for a short minute and he lifted me from the ground and carried me to the house
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