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Before dinner brawl

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When we finally reached the doorway, the door opened. Standing there was Brandon one of Radziel's roommate.” Dinner is not ready yet. Paul is still trying to figure out on how to use a stove without burning up the house.” He said.” We can just have TV dinners. It is not as if we are trying to have some five star culinary masterpieces or something. Besides, it is not as if all of us are going to eat. You know?” said Radziel.Brandon shrugged his shoulders."Yeah but we have a dinner guest.” He said eying me."Yeah but she is not dinner." Said Radziel. "Hey she can always volunteer.” Said Brandon showing his fangs."Careful, Brandon,” said Radziel shoving him out the way.” Nice to see you to Brandon,” I said walking in through the door. “Wassup, Gemma, “he said.Inside the house was cleaner than the last time I saw it. Two of Radziels roommates were lounging around the living room one was on the couch and the other was kicking few piles of old soda and pizza boxes out the way. Some rap music was blaring loudly from the computer speakers. It was the type of rap music that had all the blatant language of sex, violence, and references to expensive cars. I always preferred old school rap or alternative music.” Nice music choice for a bunch of supes,"I said to myself. Yes, I was in the house filled with supernatural creatures.They all came across one another both in brawls and battles but decided to congregate with one another. Brandon was an old fashion vampire with all the things that go with it. He had fangs, an aversion to sunlight, and killer looks. He always hinted to Radziel he wanted to feed from me but it was on a playful note. Radziel was not a vampire but an angel. Not those precious moments angel but a sword slinging demon killing one .I did not know they were anything like that. However no one encountered angels to make that assumption they all worn long robes and were prudent. Balthazar looked up at me from the couch."Hey Gemma,” said Balthazar with a tired look in his eyes.” Get up man you are laying on my shirt,” said Larry, kicking him on the side of his back.” Leave me alone Larry,” Balthazar sat up and lay over the couch.” I mean it man. Get your ass up,” said Larry.” If you don’t leave me alone I’m going to rip you a new one, said Balthazar.” I will stick this remote down your throat if you do not move,” said Larry. Balthazar set up staring at Larry, pulled the shirt from under him, and threw it at him. Larry growled and pounced on Balthazar. They both crashed on the floor growling and punching each other. Brandon then walked in and saw his two roommates brawling."Dude,"was the only thing he said and walked out of harms way to the kitchen. Larry then swung Balthazar crashing him into the wall. Balthazar roared. He then rushed through the air and did a quick kick to Larry's face. Larry fell over to the floor. Both Larry and Balthazar had heavily built bodies. Larry had brown hair and hazel eyes. Larry was a werewolf who would only turn during the full moon. He was a bit obsessive compulsive who was vexed of his roommate’s lack of cleaning habits. However, he still possessed amazing strength and could take powerful blows from his other supernatural roommates. Balthazar was a demon. He did not possess people but he had other magical abilities like defying gravity, super speed, and able to walk through our world and his. He had light-coppered color hair and a nice smile. He looked human but his dark pupil less eyes and fanged teeth is what through off his human appearance.Larry bled from his nose but he still got up with eyes glowing with pure rage. Balthazar used his demon super speed to attack Larry. Balthazar then lifted them both into the air still taking blows at each other. However, Larry still managed to get a few punches at Balthazar. Paul had walked in and saw them seething mad at each other wrestling and cursing at one another."Hey, hey.Dinner is ready.Hi Gemma,” said Paul waving and smiling at me."Hey Paul, what’s cooking,” I said with a slight stutter.
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