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Beware the Court of Owls

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Summary: An assassin has been sent to kill Robin, but nothing is as it seems and he must discover the identity of his attacker before it's too late for both of them.

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Fractured Memories

Summary:/ An assassin has been sent to kill Robin, but nothing is as it seems and he must discover the identity of his attacker before it's too late for both of them. This is my massive story overhaul of "The Assassins", mainly because I didn't like how I was writing it, decided to change the story and throw out most of it./

Beware the Court of Owls

William Cobb stood inside the catacombs of Gotham City, looking to assign one of his many assassins' to follow his orders.

There were six figures, men and women, their faces covered by masks. They looked at the woman and spoke, "In a city divided, we are the middle."

Another man spoke up, "We are the gray of Gotham."

The third man added, "Will you embrace us and all we seek to accomplish?"

She looked at them, "I will."

The man farthest to the right seemed to approve, "Then we will begin. Go to Jump City, and kill Gotham's Gray Son."

He seemed to be deep in thought, "I see you're finally ready."

"I live only to serve the Court of Owls as a Talon," the woman's voice rang out, "I only need an order."

"That's good," William smiled. "I know you have had a difficult time readjusting to everything, seeing that I found you on the verge of death and restored you to life."

"I will fulfill your wishes," she looked at him with unquestioning loyalty.

"He may be far from Gotham City, but the Court of Owls is everywhere," William Cobb looked at her.

"I'll remind you just once more. Your mission is to kill Robin the Boy Wonder, should he refuse to take up his legacy, do you understand? Kill him, and I will tell you everything you wish to know about your life. Do your job well Saiko."

"Yes, he will join us, or die." She turned and left.

William smirked. His plan was working out better than he had hoped. He had conceived the brilliant plan; he had gone through various trials and errors in an attempt to reclaim Dick Grayson, in order to force the young man to embrace his destiny. What an unfortunate thing that the boy's parents died before he was ready, but not all was lost, he had managed to salvage the situation; it had ended up working to his advantage.

Cobb smirked. "We wanted him, but we'll happily settle for you, you're not related to him by blood, but you're good enough. To think you almost failed, it would almost be a pity to reject you, but not quite."

It was funny how torture and a little white lie and a lot of indoctrination could change a good woman into a killing machine. Everything was going according to plan.

Jump City, CA…

Robin stood on the roof of Titans Tower, enjoying the view of his city. Everything was quiet, none of the supervillains had tried to escape, only average criminals were committing crimes and they were caught easily.

He decided to head inside. Maybe there was something on the TV to watch. He was about to turn it on when suddenly the alarm began to blare. The other Titans ran in, looking to him for orders.

"Who is it?" Cyborg asked.

"Plasmus," Robin replied. "Let's go!"

They made their way down town where Plasmus was raging in the streets, ripping a tanker filled with dangerous chemicals in half and guzzling the liquid like soda.

"You know it's very rude to drink so fast, don't you Plasmus?" Robin asked, crossing his arms.

Plasmus roared angrily and hurled the two chunks of the tanker straight at the Titans.

"Apparently, dude, he didn't like your comment," Beast Boy observed.

"Titans, Go!" Robin ordered. The others scattered, moving out of harm's way. Cyborg fired his Sonic Cannon, sending a powerful beam into the oozing creature. Plasmus absorbed the shot and let it move straight through him. He filled the hole in his chest and opened his mouth, sending out a steam of acid at the Titan.

Raven summoned her powers, grabbing abandoned cars and other objects to attack the supervillain. Starfire flew towards him, shooting Starbolts as she slammed into him head on. Plasmus staggered back as he tried to regain his balance.

Furious, Plasmus roared and spewed acid as he turned his attention to Cyborg, who had fired his Sonic Cannon in an attempt to take out the mutated metahuman.

The metal Titan managed to avoid the deadly chemicals as he fired another volley from his Sonic Cannon. Plasmus reached out a hand and batted him away, sending him into the side of a nearby building.

Raven rose up and summoned her powers, "Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos!"

Black energy shot out, hitting the monster in its midsection, leaving a large hole in its center. Plasmus inhaled deeply and closed the hole, rendering her attack useless.

Robin rushed forward, hurling a freeze disc that exploded, stopping Plasmus, if only for a moment. Beast Boy, as a rhino, plowed into the ice, shattering it. That, however, did little to deter the villain.

Raven used her powers to levitate and chanting her mantra, "Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos!" she unleashed her Soul Self, the entered the villains body and knocked him unconscious, he hit the ground in a sound sleep.

"Let's get him back to jail," Robin said, staring down at a sleeping Otto Von Furth. They personally took him to the Jump City Maximum Security Prison, just to make sure he didn't wake up again and try to escape.

After Plasmus was securely locked in a cell, Robin looked at his teammates.

"How 'bout we go out for some pizza," he suggested. "No other emergencies have come in, so I say we call it a day."

"All right!" Beast Boy said, "Veggie pizza!"

"No way, man, we're eating real meat!" Cyborg protested angrily.

"Oh boy, here they go again," Raven said, rolling her eyes.

"Perhaps I should pick the pizza toppings," Starfire suggested. The other titans stared at her in horror.

"Don't worry about that, Star, we'll figure it out when we get there," Robin said nervously. They headed off to the pizza parlor.

"Cobb?" her voice called him over the phone. "Am I permitted to use any means to kill Robin?"

"Yes, use whatever you deem necessary to eliminate him."

She vanished without a word. Scouring the city, she knew exactly how she was going to draw the Boy Wonder and his friends out into the open.

The Mayor was holding a gala in honor of the Titans; it was an annual tradition, to thank the young heroes for everything they'd done to protect Jump City from villains.

She quietly found a janitor and knocked him unconscious. She had already prepared clothes to match his and slipped into them. She used a nametag with the alias Elizabeth Lloyd and walked in.

She walked through the building, hiding whenever she heard people coming; she also made sure to avoid cameras. Saiko knew this would be a difficult job, there were five super-powered heroes, things could go wrong very quickly.

But failure wasn't an option, it was impossible, with the electrum in her body, she would be almost invincible, and with her skills, targets rarely escaped. There was no running away from them, with their vast resources, they could find you anywhere, but she didn't know any life outside of killing, except for those pesky dreams that she had now and then. She'd been taken to the Court of Owls, restored to health and offered a place among them, desperate for answers about the life she couldn't remember, she accepted their offer. Tortured and starved for weeks, she proved that she was worthy of a position in the Court as a Talon, their fiercest assassin, then they told her she would sleep until they needed her. So she slept, for five years until they woke her and sent her out.

Heading back to a hideout, Saiko looked at a photograph of the Mayor, she pulled out a black pin between the Mayor's eyes, she knew there was something significant about it, but she couldn't remember what it was.

She made her way out onto the roof and waited near the skyline so she could drop down on her prey.

She had other pictures of the Titans, A blue pin for Beast Boy, red for Starfire, Cyborg and Raven, and black for Robin the Boy Wonder.

Yes, tonight was going to be quite the show.

The Titans were all dressed nicely, suits and ties for the guys, dresses for the girls, much to Raven's chagrin.

"Gee Rae, I didn't think of you as the type to wear a dress," Beast Boy grinned.

"Starfire made me wear it," Raven scowled. "What are you looking at?"

"N-nothing. You look nice, that's all," he replied. He busied himself with the Hors d'œuvres table.

Robin noticed a man standing in the corner of the room, he looked so tired and worn out. He decided to walk over to him.

"They're real. They're everywhere. And they're sending him after you—All of you."

The other Titans gathered around, they were about to leave and go out on patrol when suddenly, a figure burst through the skylight.

"I'm here to kill Dick Grayson, the fiercest killer in Gotham City," the assassin, sporting a strange green outfit and a black mask, she wore wrist claws on her hands. The voice was clearly female.

"Well lady, you're way off here, Gotham's that way," Beast Boy jerked his thumb in Gotham's general direction.

"Dick Grayson's not a killer," Robin retorted. What was this person babbling about? It didn't make any sense. "Who are you working for?"

"Beware the Court of Owls that watches all the time, ruling Gotham from a shadowed perch, behind granite and lime. They watch you at your hearth, they watch you in your bed, speak not a whispered word of them, or they'll send the Talon for your head."

"It's an old nursery rhyme, but it's a Gotham nursery rhyme, you're far from home, lady," Robin said, brandishing his Bo Staff.

"You abandoned your destiny, I will make you reclaim it," Saiko snarled. She lunged at him.

"Let me tell you something you may not know about me, there is one thing I believe, destinies don't exist."

"To prove just how useless you are, I'll kill your Mayor right here and now, he's in the Court's way, and can't be allowed to live."

"We'll see about that!" Robin blocked the vicious claw strikes as he ordered the Mayor, who was frozen with terror to barricade himself inside the panic room. . Saiko launched knives at the Mayor; Raven shielded him with her powers as Starfire flew him away to the panic room.

All the guests had run away. It was just the Talon, Saiko and the Titans.

They traded blows, she could match every move he made with her own. She wasn't holding back, so he decided he wouldn't either.

Robin gripped an Escrima stick and shoved it into her right eye. She didn't even flinch and pulled it out.

"What's a little pain to someone who can regenerate? Is that supposed to impress me?"

"Dude, that's crazy!" Beast Boy gaped, she shook off having an eye gouged out without breaking a sweat.

Starfire few in from across the room and hit Saiko like a freight train. Star kept punching the assassin in the face and midsection, pummeling her with a shower of Starbolts, topping it off by grabbing her and sending her straight through a wall.

She got up and looked around at the city as citizens scrambled to get away from the chaos.

"Some places have a hunger about them…And either you feed them what they want…or you stay far away."

"I don't know what you're talkin' about, but if you're hungry, you can eat my Sonic Cannon!" Cyborg fired off a few shots, none of them connected, the female assassin was very agile and she avoided all of them.

"All the red pins are here, good," Saiko smirked.

"What does that mean? You called me a blue pin," Beast Boy glared.

"It means, you're the weakest."

"Dude, you're going down for that!"

Beast Boy charged, transforming into an enormous green tiger. Saiko gripped a Bo Staff and placed it between her and Beast Boy's mouth as she fired the gun on her wrist and shot him before the others could react.

"Don't worry, he's not dead, I'm only killing one of you tonight."

Raven sent a stream of energy towards the assassin, she noticed that her enemy was very acrobatic and agile, her powers could barely keep up with her, but she did manage to impede Saiko from escaping.

"Ah, the black pin," Saiko sneered. "Now I can stop playing around!"

"Now that the Mayor's out of the way, we can stop her! Titans, go!"

Beast Boy came at her in the form of a green bear, he slashed and bit at her, but she avoided him. Cyborg fired his Sonic Cannon as he kept up a steady rain of punches and kicks.

"What?" Saiko exclaimed as Raven's powers encased her entire body. Raven threw her up and sent her slamming into the pavement, leaving a very large crater in the street.

The Titans were relentless, they refused to give up, they weren't going to let her murder the Mayor, not that she cared really, he was in the Court's way, but her primary target was Robin. Still, this encounter wasn't going like she'd planned. They were actually winning.

Saiko decided it was time to leave, she'd seen how the Titans worked and now it was time to go.

"Sorry to disappoint you, but I'll be going now, I'll finish you all later. I got what I came for."

"What do you mean?" Robin demanded.

"The lay of the land," Saiko through down a smoke bomb and disappeared from sight.

"We're going to spread out and find her!" the order was immediate, even though they were exhausted. They weren't going to let an assassin run around, killing people at random; innocent victims if they could help it.

It was going to be a long night; they really hoped that the alarm wouldn't go off for any other supervillain.

She ran through the dark streets and alleyways, taking to the rooftops and somersaulting over them. She arrived at an abandoned building.

"Well done, the mission was a success," William Cobb congratulated her.

"But Dick Grayson survived, he's better than I gave him credit for. Did you enjoy the show?"

"Yes, I'll fight him myself eventually, but for now, let the betrayer of Gotham's legacy search for us. All his talent. Such a waste."

He looked at her, "Go replenish your electrum and get some rest, you'll get your rematch, that was just the rehearsal, it's time to put on the show."

William began to juggle his knives like someone who had done it for years and years.

"You grow up in the circus?" Saiko asked.

"You could say that. Let's see if you can catch," William joked, he tossed the knives at her. She caught them with ease and continued juggling them.

"Not bad at all," he complimented her. He walked out of the room after she stopped juggling the knives.

"I can see why he'd be drawn to you, you too, are a part of my legacy, such a pity you were so soft-hearted and weak all those years ago," he sighed. "We would have made him the next Talon if he had showed promise when he was younger, but he was too naïve and stupid, Dick Grayson however, always had the skills that we wanted."

She was alone again. For some reason, juggling those knives had brought her a passing feeling of joy that she couldn't explain. And what was it that was so familiar to her about William Cobb? She couldn't place it, nothing made sense. It didn't matter, she still had her mission to kill Dick Grayson, he didn't mean anything to her. Still, the image of Robin stayed in her mind and wouldn't go away.

Saiko tried repeatedly to put the image of Robin out of her head, but she just couldn't. "Elizabeth Lloyd" was just another fake identity. She didn't know anything about herself, not her name, her birthday, who her family was. William Cobb and the Court of Owls said they had all the answers, but he would only give them to her if she killed Robin. To get her own life back, she'd take his. It was that simple.

Nothing involving the Court of Owls was ever simple but she didn't know that at all.
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