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"They hated me before, now what will they think of me?"

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Rebekah's Pov

"That is fucked up, oh why oh why can't the amazing sex god Patrick Stump be mine?!" my best friend Lucy cried out in a mocking tone
Yup, I thought the singer from Fall Out Boy was sexier than well everything; he was, wait no he IS amazing.
"Jesus! So what, you know it." Receiving an eye roll from Luce; I stood up to get a pop.
"Bec while your up can you get me a can of coke?" she called out. Yes that was our friendship, using each other for pop, making fun of one another, everything under the sun; what do you think made us so close?
"Holy shit, it's just about midnight." I glanced at the clock while grabbing the drinks
"Shit bro, your house?" one thing you should know, her parents hate me. Not like "dont hang out with our daughter", I'd be lucky if it was that, it was more like "If I catch you around our daughter or at our house, I'll shoot you."
Yeah they weren't to fond of me.
"B, you hear that?" Luce whispered to me in the dark night, we were just outside the circle of light let off by the streetlight.
"No, what?" I whispered, fear filling my heart and body. When Lucy was scared, oh dear you run for the hills.
"It-it sounded like breathing." Or maybe not
"Dude, we need to breath, watching to many horror movies now haven't you?" I mocked, hearing an uneven breath behind us.
"See?!" My smaller friend proved her point
"Hell-Hello?" I called to the dark figure
"Help." All this person said
"Okay, who are you?" Lucy spoke up, sounding much more confident than 2 minutes before.
"Help" Really? All you know?
Fuck off you little bitch, I know much more than you ever will! Wow, a sudden voice popped into my head, yelling out in the -SHIT
"Luce, don't" I grabbed my friends arm right as she moved in to help this motherfucker
"Bec, he needs help."
"Lucy! He's acting, right as you get over there your bound to be bit!" my voice raised as each word passed my lips.
"Fu-" We were cut off by a pair of hands, one grabbing each of or throats.
"You know so much, don't you hun?" The vamp whispered before leaning into my neck.
"A smell so sweet, with a better taste." he whispered poetically before taking a bite out of me, causing a stabbing pain in my neck.
"NO! DON'T TOUCH HER!" Lucy yelled out, fighting against his grip.
"You want to play like that?" He whispered before taking multiple bites out of my friend, ripping her into a bloody mess.
Well, if her parents hated me then, what would they think now?
"What? Are you okay?" A female voice piped up, obviously noticing the large amongst of blood
"No, help." The victim card? Really get a new shtic.
"Wait, aren't you from a band?" Now that it came clearer, yeah the shaggy hair, the eyes.
"Yeah you-" The girl got cut off by the man lunging at her throat, taking a large bite out of it.
"Welcome to the club girls." he whispers, walking off with the witness in hand

"Trick,Pete's starting to scare me." Holy fuck! The voice came from the Fall Out Boy guitarist, Joe.
"Yes, because when you turn your back I'm going to rip your throat out." Pete
"Guys, quit!"Patrick, no way!
"But, OH MY GOD EWWW!" Joe jumped back at the ally sight, blood everywhere, dead friend, me.
"S-sorry." Pete tore off in the other direction, trying to forget the hunger, the sight.
"Are you okay?" No way, Patrick Stump wondering if I'm okay? Wow I sound creepy, but hey, I love this guy!
"Uh." All I could get out without a massive stinging in my neck and throat.
"C'mon." He whispered before picking me up, and walking back to his friends, well friend.
"Where's Pete?"
"He ran away!" Joe sounding like a young child who just lost his puppy was all I remembered.
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