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Cheaters Never Win

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"I knew something was going on with the two, never thought it would hurt so bad"

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Brendon's POV

"Brendon..Brrreeeenddddon. BRENDON FUCK PAY ATTENTION!" My oh-so-'loving' girlfriend; Yaira snapped, angry that I hadn't been paying enough attention to her. Join the fucking club
"What?" I fought to keep my voice calm, and not become one of those abusive asshats like Ryan's dad.
Ryan the name bringing in memories of everything that had gotten me to this point.


"Holy shit, you're an amazing singer." Ryan informed me, jaw on the floor. Unbeliving that Spencer had been right (although I think he exateradged).
"Um thanks Ryro." A heat burned in my cheeks, I just called the weird quiet kid from school by a nickname I had been congering up ever since I learned his name. WELL FUCK
"Ryro? Okay." Ryan shrugged, pulling off his guitar and placing it on an amp.
"Where ya' going?" I asked, receiving laughs from his current bandmates Brent and Spencer.
"It's obvious Urie, he's going to get food." Him? Food? He's a scrawny little twiglet!
"Suprising enough he eats like a pig."
"Ryan Ross" Spencer finished, causing everyone in the room to laugh.
"What'da I miss?" Ryan asked, walking in with a plate heaping with food
"He does eat more than a dinasuar." I whispered, unknowingly outloud
"Okay then." Ryan droned, sitting on the couch and starting into his food mountain.

"Wait, Brent's leaving?" I asked, walking in to see the bassist packing up his stuff and leaving out of Spencer's basement.
"Yeah, he said he had 'bigger and better things in mind'" Ryan informed me, voice coming out weaker than I ever heard it.
"Um I gotta go, practice sometime later okay?" Ryan asked, walking out of his friend's basement.
"What's his problem?" I asked with no intentions of being rude.
"Being in a band was his escape from reality, a place where he could just play music and everything would feel alright." Spencer finished with a shrug
"Oh, that's what." I ran out of the drummers basement, following behind the scrawny boy, who just so happened to be on his doorstep.
"RYAN GET YOUR LAZY ASS IN HERE!" I faintly heard a slurred voice yell at the poor scrawny boy.
"What dad?" Ryan groaned, walking into his house and out of my sight.
"GET ME A FUCKING DRINK!" His dad yelled, obviously drunk
"Fine, don't need to to yell." Ryan growled, which seemed to be a mistake.
"What?!" His dad was pissed; I snuck a peek in the door to see an older man- probable his dad- beating on the poor scrawny boy.
"Now get the hell out of my house after I get that drink." The man growled, lifting his son up by the collar on his jacket.

I sat there, for a good 2 minutes; fearing that Ryan would die in there or something; hey I may not know him that well but he is a friend.
"Fuck Bren, why the hell are you on my doorstep?" Ryan asked, looking as if he had a heartattack.
"I know a guy who plays bass pretty well." I admitted, smirking
"Oh great, bring him to practice tommorow." I nodded, pulling out my phone and calling a familiar number.

It had been a year since our band; Panic! At The Disco has released our first debut album. Which we named 'A Fever You Can't Sweat Out'.
"Well this is fucking amazing, touring with Fall Out Boy, actually having some fans, it's wow." Jon commented leaning back on the row of seats in the van.
"I know right? It seems like yesterday we just started the band." Ryan commented, as he continued driving down the dark, open highway.
"You do not know how girly that sounded do you Ry?" Spencer mumbled from his spot in the back.
"It did not sound girly!" Ryan fought; his voice cracking in the middle, not helping his case.
"Well at least now you don't smell like a whore." I joked, commenting on the vanilla deoderant he was wearing earlier.
"Fuck off." The guitarist growled, looking out at the boring road.

All of that, I had given up because Beckett promised me a 'better life'.
All because of Beckett.
William fucking Beckett.

"Brendon are you listening?!" Yaira screamed in my face, giving me a slightly deserved slap.
"What?!" I asked, shocked at why she would slap me
"Well I am the boss in this relationship, and me and Will are going to go work on something, I want YOU to go make sure those who, um Haven and Peter don't make plans against us? Okay?" I nodded; it was defenate..she was cheating on me.

So I would've had this up last night (but I was overtired and in a shitload of pain...and MrsWayBeckett (Im sorry I'm making you cheater) so 'le um hope you enjoy
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