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Getting Traumatized Isn't that bad

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Of you guys pick up on the All Time Low and Hunger Games refrences...I will love you forever

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So I felt the need to update (mainly because I thought of something to use) I promise you I will try to get back into the action, and Patrick and his frying pan

Nobody's PoV

"William, would you mind coming here for a second?" Yaira asked sounding somewhat seductive.
" okay." William gave the smaller girl a smile, wanting to get lucky.
"Come here then." She pulled on his hand with a devilish grin
"In here?" The ex-singer asked, inspecting the room. 
This room had a large mahogany bed, matching night stands and dressers; along with 2 french bay doors leading to a balcony overseeing the grounds we called our own.
"You know what this is? THIS IS MAHOGANY!" Yaira joked pointing to a dresser, walking over to push me down against the bed; before walking away to get something...or someone.

An Hour Later

Pete was lying on his bed, reading some book off the shelf from his "Room". It was quiet, peaceful and gave him a chance to think about how he and Aven were going to break out of this shithole.
All of that being broken by banging on the walls and moans coming from the room next to him; lowering his book and turning his head towards the room where the sounds had been made, he gave a disgusted look and went back to absent mindedly looking at the book in his hands.
Goddammit you two, lower the porn soundtrack

Brendon walked by the master bedroom, hearing a series of moans, and banging.
Yaira? William?! Angry that he suspected his girlfriend cheating on him he slammed open the unlocked door, to be greeted by somewhat of a sight he expected to see.
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