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Suprise, Suprise

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A/N is at the bottom (and probably going to be longer than fuck)

Patrick sat on his chair; letting a sigh escape his lips. He was trying with all he had to get the newly changed; and seemingly shy vamprie Rebekah to come out of her shell and explain what happened the night they 'saved' her.
/Yeah because saving her meant keeping her human profile; not becoming like those freaks like
Patrick stiffened, did he really just insult his best friend?
"P-Patrick?" The frontman's head shot up, to be greeted by a shy looking girl. Her black hair working to emphasise her pale skin tone.
"Beck, are you okay?" The singer being at a loss for words
"Yes and no." The girl pulled up a seat beside the shocked singer
"Then it's maybe?" Patrick joked; receiving a small smile out of the girl
"I guess you could put it that way; I'm sorry I just hate having it bottled up and it's starting to get to me." Pulling her knees into her chest Rebekah studied Patrick's face; trying to gauge his reactions.
"About the night we met?" After many tries to make it as nice as possible, Rebekah nodded looking at her checkered black and red converse.
"Do you want to vent? 'Cause I've been the..erm Mikey Way of Fall Out Boy." The girl laughed
"So your like the one who keeps the band sane?" Nodding and guestering for her to go on Trick leaned back; happy that he got her to talk.
"Okay, I'm better off explaining my relationship with Luce." Taking in a breath, the girl started

"I've always been friends with her as long as I can remember. The only thing is her parents absolutley hated me. Not like 'oh we don't want you around our daughter'; I wish it was like that; but it was more along the lines of 'if we see you within 50 feet of Lucy we will shoot you'." The frontman's eyes widened in suprise. She wasn't allowed to be friends with her best friend?
"But we got through it, she lied to her parents while my parents never spilled. So now that you know about Lucy, I can explain my story." Rebekah explained what happened up to the point until Patrick, Joe and Pete arrived.
"That is, holy shit." Patrick couldn't belive it, she had been through THAT and kept quiet.
"I'm sorry, I shouldn't be dragging you into this." Rebekah made a move to leave the little 'office' area, only to be held back by the singer.
Instead of trying to say the words his mind was filled with; he just pulled her into a tight hug.
It doesn't matter how much you hate physical contact, but sometimes all one needs is a tight hug to be reminded everything's going to be alright.

-------------------At the Dandie's little mansion thingy-mc-thing-------------------------

"Oh god, fuckfuckfuck." Brendon's mind was filled with dirty pictures that would haunt him for the rest of his life. His hands keeping him balanced as they slid along the cool blue walls.
"Wow Bren are you okay? Yaira asked running up to catch up with the poor singer; fear and trauma filling his brown eyes.
"Will, Gabe, bedroom..Ew." Brendon slightly sobbed the words.
"B, why the fuck would you open the door? If you hear a porno soundtrack you leave it be." Brendon looked at the girl who was smirking.
Fucking smirk..How could I get it off her face?
Brendon grinned, pulling the girl into a kiss; and yes that did take the smile off of her face.
"C'mere." Yaira whispered pulling away, dragging him into a bedroom (hint, hint).

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