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Sneak Peak

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I couldn't hide it for much longer

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I think I'm losing readers; if so -flips off-
No; I was KIDDING, I'm not that mean..'cause I love you all
But! To get my readers back (and keep the ones I have)
I shall post what I have of the sequal

"Wait a sec, Sam? When did you think of making a sequal?"
Oh random voice who just made stupid questions possible, I did thought of this inbetween my updates.


I bolted up in bed; panting heavily, face and body soaked in a cold sweat of the night before.
They continued to haunt me, of what seemed to be a new life going on inside my head, something that itched and proded at my pityfull, nightmare plauged bassist mind.
"You okay?" I heard a familiar voice speak up from behind me, she still curled up in her spot on our bed.
Her being the angel from my nightmares, the shadow of the mourge.
"Fine, just some nightmares." I mumbled, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes and stretching my sleep ridden body
"Well come here and I'll make all the nightmares dissapear." The wonderful woman laying beside me joked with a slight suggestion.
With a sigh I turned to look at her beautiful figure.
"I do love you -"

HAHA. Cliffhanger before it even starts; and don't be expecting it to be the love intrests of the first added in the beginning ;)
Okay bye..I'll update whenever I get the chance (stupid high school)
oh, and I guess my nickname changed to Pinky Magoo (I have neon pink hair..)
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