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You're Not A Part of This

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"Well, I am now! Cause the most upright insane person put me here!" he yelled, flailing

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Okay so It's back to the headquaters where all the good guys (minus Pete and Aven) are okay?! And mystery people (well person but still)

It was a really, REALLY, REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAALLLLLY weird night for everyone. Not even kidding the whole place was silent. So silent that if you even sighed everyone would hear you and be like "oh so-and-so sighed".
You may want to know who I am, but you won't ever find out.

"Who's the weird talking voice?" A very tired Lee muttered from her place on the couch, nuzzled into Jon's side.
"I d'know, shut up weird voice, your scaring meeeeeee." A half-asleep Trick sang to their annoyance.
"What the fuck, I thought you guys were trying to survive, not be all cuddly with each other." A certain blonde drummer shuffled in, looking at all of the couples scattered around the room.
"HEY! I'm alone here too." Joe crossed him arms, wide awake
"Forever alone my dear friend." Spencer joked, leaning back with Jaquelin; who had been lucky, and strategic enough to make it on her own and remain human.
"Well then, I actually don't enjoy this one fuckin' bit!" The drummer crossed his arms as a guy with what seemed to be an afro walked in.
"Bob, let's go." The afro guy pulled at his friend, receiving weird looks from the group.
"Ray, I want to stay here; speaking of it, where's Jenn?" Bob looked at his friend, who only gave him a 'if-you-would-listen-for-two-god-damned-seconds' sigh.
"Wrong fic, now can we please go before we ruin the action and excitement for the readers."
"WHAT?! And how the hell is this excitement, no random barrel is going to come flying in and steal one of them....especially her!" Bob randomly pointed, the direction of his finger landing on Ryan.
"I AM NOT A FUCKING GIRL!" The more feminine figured guitarist yelled, standing and glaring at the intruding drummer.
"Ryan, calm down; there's no sexual tension." Jon had the upmost confused look on his face.
"What?!" Ryan looked, not understanding one word that came out of the musicians mouth.
"I really have no idea why I just said that."
"OH HAEL NO! You ain't having a chapter without me!" A new voice screamed, all eyes shifting towards the frying pan, which was on it's newly grown legs, snapping like a independant woman who needs no man!
"What the fuck?" Bob muttered, backing away with his frizzy haired friend, leaving the room and fic altogether.
"Okay, PETE WAKE THE FUCK UP WE'RE ALL GETTING REALLY SCARED!" Patrick yelled, watching the frying pan as it started filing it's non existant finger nails.

Oh god, I should NEVER update at 10:15 at night; it just doesn't work O-0
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