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Prologue: I'm The Narrator And This Is Just The Prologue

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Brendon/OFC After a bitter introduction, Brendon and Kerri realize that opposites really do attract and that love really can conquer all...

Category: Panic! At The Disco - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama, Romance - Published: 2006-07-09 - Updated: 2006-07-09 - 499 words

August 2017. You come across a Victorian house on the side of the road with an iron wrought fence and a serene garden filled with wild flowers as you drift slowly in your car. There is a man around the age of 30 reading a very thick book sitting in a white, plastic lawn chair. You park your car next to the paved drive way. You approach him.

"Oh. I'm sorry." He says. "I didn't see you there. Please have a seat." He gestures to the chair beside him. "I guess you're here for the same reason everyone else comes here. You want to hear of how my wife and I first met. "You shake your head. "I thought so." He says with a slight sigh. "I sometimes grow weary of telling this story but just knowing that my wife loves it, makes me love telling it over and over. Before I get started, I'd like to tell you a few things about our lives. Kerri is six months older than me which she still teases me about. We have five beautiful children whom all the boys look like me and all the girls look like my wife, Kerri ironically enough. Leila just turned 11, Jared is 9, Rosalind is 8, Trevor is 5, and Danielle is 4. They are all well behaved and polite. I once was a performer for a band called Panic! At The Disco. You look only about 16 or 17 so you may be too young to remember this. I was the singer of the group and also played the guitar. My best friends Ryan, Spencer, Brent, and I started the band but in the spring of 2006 Brent was asked to leave the band because of musical complications. Then Jon came into the picture to replace Brent. Kerri was also in a band. They were just trying to get a break. Her parents owned a hotel and all of her friends/ band mates: Rachel, Kaci, Sarah, Andrea, and Jennifer collectively formed the band Toxic Stereotype under the aliases Blade, Kokaine, Rose, Motley, and Seductra. Kerri was Genocide. My record label was out in Atlanta, Georgia that hot summer day and was looking for new acts to sign to their company. We just happened to be invited to judge the bands on creativity and originality. The term: "bumped into" was taken into the literal sense that day. In all honesty, it was my arrogance that landed me in the doghouse with her in the first place. If it wasn't for her band trying out for the record label that afternoon, I would have never seen her again and never had fallen in love with the girl I was destined to be with. Her sweet and forgiving nature was what drew me in along with those striking sea green eyes. Until she forgave me that night, I never realized that this blue streaked , dark brown haired girl would be the mother of my children and the love of my life until death do us part...
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