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he really needs to quit that shit.

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Frank tiptoed into the apartment that Gerard and Mikey lived in. He was worried that something had happened to Faith. He heard her slip out early in the morning after talking to who he assumed was Gerard. He didn't think much of it at the time for it was only eight in the morning, but it was now two in the afternoon and he had heard no word from his sister.

He didn't see Mikey's car out in the parking lot. Only Gerard's. Mikey didn't seem to be home either. It was quiet in the apartment. That creepy silence that Frank jumped from hearing his own footsteps.

"Mikey?" he called out. "Gerard?"

There was a low grumbling sound coming from the bathroom. Frank dashed to the bathroom. The door was slightly opened and he peeked inside. He didn't see anyone but when he opened the door all the way, he hit a sprawled out Gerard.

"Fuuuck." Gerard drawled out. Frank shook his head in shame at his best friend.

"What the fuck, Gerard! I thought you said you were going to stop!" Frank yelled, looking around the bathroom for evidence. There on the sink was a baggie of marijuana and another of the white stuff Gerard just got into... cocaine. He cursed under his breath as he reached out to Gerard's extended arm and pulled him up.

"Duuude... Where am I?" Gerard asked into Frank's face. Frank turned away. Gerard reeked of not only drugs, but of strong alcohol too. Frank didn't see a bottle anywhere, but he saw broken glass everywhere on the floor.

"You're at your fucking house, man! I thought you were going to stop once we got here!" Frank repeated himself, hoping his friend could at least get something through his head but it seemed to not work. Frank walked Gerard to the living room and pushed him into the couch.

Gerard held his head in his hands and then with slow realization, he shot his head up.

"Dude! Faith! Where is she? Is she with you?" he asked in a panic. Frank raised an eyebrow at him. Not that it was shocking for his friend to ask about his sister, but Gerard never really talked about Faith nor did he seem ecstatic to come back to Jersey to see her.

"No. It's just me. Ithought Faith was here already. Wasn't she talking to you on the phone this morning?" Frank asked.

Gerard strained to think. He couldn't remember anything. He thought hard but in the end, he just ended up shrugging his shoulders. Fuck. He really needed to stop. If he wanted to work things out with Faith. He had to. But he couldn't. It all felt too good. He shrugged his shoulders again and Frank scoffed at him.

"You need fucking help, Gee. I'm sick of seeing you like this." Frank said. "Everyone is sick of it. Especially Mikey cause he has to fucking deal with you! I'm surprised he hasn't run out on you yet!"

Gerard put his hands to his ears. Frank was being too loud. Or it only seemed like it was too loud.

"You need to get your shit straight." Frank continued. "Our parents are throwing us aget-together this evening so you better clean yourself up and take a shower and shit."

"I know, I know."Gerard mumbled, but he really wasn't listening because at that moment, he did remember that he had talked to Faith and asked her to come over for coffee. She said she would bring cookies. He remembered that he said he was only going to smoke a little and take a swig. He didn't remember anything beyond that.

"I thought you said we were only going for a short drive!" Faith said as Mikey pulled into the empty parking space in front of his apartment. Mikey shrugged his shoulders.

"Hey, you had fun, didn't you?" he asked as they both stepped out the car.

"Uh huh..." Faith mused as she caught a glimpse of Frank's car a few spaces away. "Hey! Frank is here, Mikester!" she grinned as she ran up to the door of the apartment. She walked in to see Gerard and Frank glaring at each other from across the living room. Gerard on one couch and Frank on another.

Gerard felt bad. He casted his eyes downward as Faith skipped over to him. She gave a small hug and then walked over to Frank, where she plopped down next to him. She laid her head on her brother's shoulder and wrapped her arm around his.

"How goes it?" she asked, noticing the tension but wanted to seem like there was none.

"Everything is good. C'mon, Faith. Let's go. Gerard isn't feeling too good." Frank said, but there was a hint of sarcasm and coldness that Faith didn't understand.

Faith strayed her eyes to Mikey, who was standing at the door. He suddenly didn't seem like the happy guy he was while they were out. He seemed distant now and his glowing brown eyes now dulled.

"Yeah... I think it's best if you go." Mikey said, almost in a trance.

"What's wrong? Are you okay, Gee?" Faith asked, looking at her secret lover. He had seemed perfectly fine to her this morning on the phone and he even mentioned them possibly being together now that they weren't on tour for anything.

"I'm okay." Gerard murmured and then quickly got up and headed off to the bathroom. He shut the door behind him and locked it. What was wrong with him? He was shaking like crazy and he felt sticky with sweat. Just one smoke. Just one smoke. The weed seemed to be taunting him as he peered down at both drugs. He couldn't do this shit. Not when she was around. But he couldn't resist. He grabbed the grinder from inside a drawer and placed an once inside. Just one smoke. That was all he need... for now.

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