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Frank's in for it now!!

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The party dragged and everyone but the proud parents wanted it to end. Bob and Ray were lollygagging around the house, just talking amongst themselves, occasionally answering peoples' questions about the tour. Frank was pacing the living room, looking impatient and nervous. Gerard was talking with some grownups but as he did, he kept fidgeting and twitching. Mikey and Faith were standing off in one corner. Mikey was keeping an eye out for his brother and Faith on her brother.

"Dude, what's up with Frank?" Faith mused to Mikey. Mikey shrugged. "He's been all nerve wrecked since we left your place earlier."

"I don't know. Gerard's been acting strange too, but he hardly talks to me anymore." Mikey said, though he felt like he said too much. He really didn't want Faith to know about his brother's bad turn. But at this rate, she was bound to find out soon. Just by looking at Gerard from a distance, he could tell that he was on something.

"Eh, hey, I'm gonna go get something to drink. Want anything?" Faith asked her best friend. Mikey shook his head. Faith shrugged her shoulders and took off to the kitchen to fetch some soda.

Mikey now focused on Frank. He had hardly paid attention to him at all today or since their arrival in Jersey. He was too busy attending to Gerard. Mikey noticed Frank's distressed and it wasn't until some girl wrapped herself around Frank that Mikey finally realized.

Mikey knew that Faith and Frank were forever /Faith and Frank/. Even if they had not spoken for three years, they were still each other's support beams. He remembered that even in high school, none could have boyfriends or girlfriends and if they did, then those significant others had to go through a test. Faith and Frank, they never really needed anyone but one another, but they were needy too and Mikey guessed that maybe that's why they both went through a "whore phase." Boy after boy, girl after girl.

They were both attractive people. They could have anyone they wanted, but neither wanted that because if Frank or Faith found "the one," they were afraid that they'd forget about one another. Mikey sighed heavily as he watched Frank's face light up and then give the girl a simple kiss on the cheek.

He knew about her. He'd heard Frank talking about her nonstop on tour... well when he wasn't crying about Faith. They'd known each other since high school. She had been one of those outcast girls. She had even met them up on several of their tour dates. Whatever it was that they had, it seemed pretty serious.

Faith came up behind Mikey some minutes later. Mikey jumped from surprise when he noticed the younger Iero twin next to him. She was babbling about getting held up in the kitchen because of Ray, something something, something. He wasn't really listening to her because he saw Frank heading their way, the girl holding tightly to his hand.

Mikey wanted to make an excuse and send Faith for some chips or cake or soda, but it was too late. Faith spotted Frank. Faith's cheerful chatter stopped instantly and was replaced by a scowl. Her eyes narrowed, first at Frank and then at the girl.

Alrighty readers, here is the next installment in this mess. I should have another chapter out soon, like maybe sometime later today. Oh, and shoutout to ATOMICKILLJOY for finding my fanworks and ficwad accounts xD thanks for reading! Enjoy! Oh! And I/might/ be looking for some female characters for the other guys. Not sure yet! But I just need to see where this is going before I ask for some profiles.(:
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