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oh frank...

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She was nothing special. Not a great beauty. She was very plain Jane, so Faith thought. Frank could do so much better. She knew he could. Frank was like a Greek God. He was stunning. As for herself, she thought herself beautiful. Ieros had some spanking hot genes...

But this girl... she was a tad shorter than Faith. She was of average weight, maybe a little overweight but not too much. She didn't have great boobage nor a great ass, for she was just an average girl. She was fair skinned, slightly tanned. Average nose, average mouth, average teeth, average brown eyes, average brown straight hair. Everything average.

Faith was immediately disgusted. How could her brother fall for someone so average? So plain? Why did she look at Faith like she was the biggest person ever? She almost looked intimidated and Faith smirked at the mere fact that this plain Jane girl was afraid of her.

"H-h-hi! You're F-F-Faith! Frank already t-t-t-old me about y-y-you! I love you! W-well I love what you do. I-I've seen all your shows in New York. You're amazing. So, so, so amazing." She blabbered. Frank looked at her with an adoring look. Faith looked from her brother to this girl with disdain. She faked a smile and held her hand out towards the girl.

"Thank you for your kind words," Faith lied through her teeth as she shook her hand. "Umm... what was your name?" she asked, quickly pulling away.

"Oh! Excuse me!! I almost forgot my own name! I'm Kelly." Faith almost puked at the name. Such a gross name, she thought.

"Well, nice to meet you, Kelly. /But can you excuse me and my /brother for a moment?"Faith looked at Frank and his eyes widened. Frank knew he was in for it now.

"OH! Of course! I'll just talk to Mikey, here!" Kelly exclaimed as she turned to Mikey and gave him a smile. Faith grabbed Frank by his arm, smiled nicely at the two, and then dragged Frank away.

She didn't say anything to him until they were behind the closed door of their room. It was here that Faith finally extinguished the fire that was building up inside of her.

"Her?!?" she began. Frank shrugged his shoulders. What was he supposed to say? He really liked Kelly. She was a great person and he hoped that they would be together for the long-run.

"I don't see why you're getting so steamed up about this." Frank said, leaning against the bedroom door. Faith paced the length of their room until she finally relaxed abit and stopped in front of Frank.

"What are you doing, Frank? Why didn't you fucking tell me? I see the way you look at her!You're in love with her! She's got you all kinds of fucked up! UNDER HER THUMB!!"

"Oh calm down, Fai. Just because you act out on a huge stage, doesn't mean you can make everything in reality so damn dramatic." Frank said before he could even think it through. Faith stepped back, almost like as if Frank had slapped her in the face. Frank gasped and drew his hand to his mouth quickly. "Oh shit. I'm sorry, Faith. I didn't mean it like that. I swear!"

"Fuck off, Frank. You just don't get what she's gonna do to us! I already lost you for three years! I don't wanna be forgotten! I don't wanna have to call you or text you and you not answer back because you're too busy with her! You're my fucking twin, Frank! Do you know how just one other person can hurt that?"

"I know, Faith. I know. That's why we didn't attach ourselves to people in high school, remember? We only need each other. You're my everything, Faith. But I couldn't help it. I just fell for her." He said. "B-but I promise, I am NOT gonna let her stand in the way. I'm gonna be here for you for always, man. No chick or dude, or even our fame is gonna stop us from being twins or siblings. I got you, dude. And you got me, right?"

Faith looked at Frank... she didn't believe him for some odd reason. She just knew that this Kelly chick was no good.

Okay... this chapter most likely sucks but I did it in a rush because school started and I should really be doing homework and stuff. Thanks for the reviews. Hope you at least like this a little. (:
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