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He was hypnotized by her. She was so perfect. Every single inch of her was absolute perfection. She didn't deserve him. He was nothing but trouble. He thought that coming home could do him good. He thought that coming home to HER could fix him, but it was like he kept getting thrown back to START without collecting the $200. He couldn't stop. He wanted to. He didn't want to hurt her more than he already was.

He sighed heavily. His sigh caused her to stir. His eyes wander her bare backside before she turned to face him. She was a work of art, he thought as his hazel eyes roamed her body. Her sweet, soft, sleeping face, her perfect breasts, the exquisite tattoo on her ribcage that he had drawn for her, the wonderful Vbetween her gorgeous legs.

Yeah... she didn't need him. She'd been good without him for three years. They were never much anyways. They had only begun their forbidden love several months before she left.

He suddenly remembered that she had been the other girl. Well, she HAD to be the other girl. Anything and everything had to be done so they wouldn't look suspicious.

And then he remembered the day that Frank came running to his house, eyes bloodshot and nose red. "She's gone. She fucking left." He had said. He knew that Frank was heartbroken, but he felt that way too. He had already begun to fall for her and then she was gone. Left without a goodbye to him. He was so mad at her for that. It was that moment that he wanted to kick off touring. He had been delaying it because he thought they were getting somewhere with their poor relationship.

And then she contacted him a month after her departure and he forgot his anger towards him. They met up several times throughout the years. When they were in nearby cities, but it was never for more than a cup of coffee.

His separation from her caused him to get into drinking and drugs. It caused him to fuck any groupie who came knocking at the tour bus. She, alone, had caused his downfall...

It was only now, at this moment, that he was lying with her that he felt absolutely happy. He didn't need any substitute. He was on cloud nine.

He extended his hand and caressed her cheek. He leaned forward and kissed her forehead. His actions woke her from her sleep.

She fluttered her hazel-green eyes open and smiled when her eyes focused themselves to him.

"Sorry..." he whispered, moving his hand down to her waist, where he gripped her softly.

"How late is it?" she asked, looking at him dreamily. He craned his neck over her to look at the alarm clock behind her.

"It's just after three in the morning." He told her. "Frank gonna get mad if you're not home?" he asked. "Isn't he gonna wonder where you've gone to?"

She shrugged her shoulders and stretched. She mumbled something but he didn't catch it. He didn't feel like asking her to repeat herself for when she stretched, the sudden cold air that came when the blanket slipped down caused her nipples to harden and he grew aroused.

"He called and texted you about twenty times already." he said. The thought of her phone buzzing while she slept irritated him.

"Let him. He deserves it." She replied quickly. He was taken aback by the response. She noticed his reaction. "He didn't tell me about Kelly. He thinks we're good. I don't like her."

He nodded. Of course, he should've known when he saw them at the party earlier.

He was going to say something else, but she had leaned forward and kissed him passionately. His body exploded with fireworks. If this was what love really felt like, he wouldn't mind giving up everything, including food and water.

He kissed her back eagerly and pulled her closer. She moaned into him as his boner rubbed against her. That made him pulse down there and that made her bring her hands to his hair and tug.

He was no longer thinking and quickly flipped them over so he was on top. He spread her legs open with his legs. He ran his hands from her breasts to her waist over and over again as she ran her hands up and down his back, gently scratching. He took his right hand and moved it down to the warm place between her legs. His thumb ran circles over her nub and she arched her back into him as she moaned. He stopped suddenly, when he thought she was close, and inserted two fingers in her.

She trembled slightly from the pleasure. Her eyes were half-closed and her teeth clenched together as he curled his fingers into her g-spot.

"Gerard!"she groaned when he hit the back of her wall.

He couldn't take it anymore. He needed her. He stood up on his knees and brought her up with him. He grabbed her by the hair and brought her pretty lips to his throbbing member.

She looked up at him, rather nervously, but still opened her mouth. He moaned in great pleasure as she moved her head back and forth on him. Her tongue swirled around his head as she jerked him off with one of her hands. He was almost gone. He felt so good. He pushed her head all the way down on him. The sound of her gurgling her spit against his dick turned him on more. He was so glad she didn't have agag reflex.

She released herself from his grip and layed back down. She was smirking and wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. Oh yes, she wanted him.

He climbed on top of her, and without giving her a warning, he thrust himself into her tight, wet slit. They both moaned in pleasure.

"Fuck me hard, babe." She whispered into his ear. And that's why he loved her. She didn't like the sweet, romantic, slow kind of making love. She liked it rough, raw, and dirty.

He thrust himself into her, going in a nice, quick rhythm. Her boobs bounced against his chest and her legs tightened around his back. He was in heaven. The first round had gone well... but this was better.

"I'm close."She whimpered as he pounded into her. He stopped suddenly and pulled out. She whined. He chuckled and flipped her over. He grabbed her by the waist and pulled her behind up to him.

He smacked her nice, firm ass and she screamed. He spanked her again, and then time, she pushed herself back into him. He aligned himself against her and pushed himself inside her V once again. He reached with his left hand to her hair and the other gripped her by the waist. He began slow. He knew doggy-style hit her spot directly and he didn't want her to climax just yet.

She whimpered for him to speed up. She begged for him to let her cum. But for each whine, he smacked her ass.

Finally, fed up with the turtle pace, he went at her hard.

He could feel himself building up as she moaned that she was close.

"C'mon, baby... just a bit more." He told her as he kept going deep in her.

But she couldn't anymore. She tightened up and released her juices around him and just as she finished, he exploded in her. White stars filled his vision as he pulled himself out.

She layed sprawled out on her back, breathing heavily.

"You okay?"he asked her as made himself comfortable next to her.

She turned her head to him and smirked.

"Yeah. Just thinking how pissed Frank would be if he found out what we just did." She said with awink.

Thanks for reading guys. Hope this makes up for the short chapters prior to this. Know its sucky smut, but I cant write smut for shiiiiit. Hope your enjoyed anyways (: r&r!
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