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"Shush, that won't happen" Andy said. The next day at the hospital the doctor had told Gerard that Louise had went into shock from seeing the blood and due to lack of water she had gone into a coma. But she had awakened and before the doctor could tell him that louise had amnesia he ran in scaring the complete shit of her.

"Who the fuck are you?" Louise asked looking at him scared.

Gerard was frozen. "It's me, Gerard" He explained moving his black hair out of his face.
She stared at him blankly. The doctor gently laid a hand on Gerard's shoulder and pulled him in the direction of the corridor. Gerard, still in shock, let himself be dragged away from her bedside.

"She can't remember any of you, she is suffering from amnesia" The doctor explained Louise's behavior towards Gerard.

Gerard stared at him dumbly. After a minute he composed himself. "Will it last forever?" He asked the doctor.

"No, i don't think so" The doctor replied. "You just need to find some way of triggering her memory" The doctor smiled.

Gerard nodded and phoned Dani. She immediantly arrived at the hospital as she was on hwer way over anyway. Gerard knew Dani could help him. He quickly explained the situation to her.
"I have an idea" She whispered, She drove back to the house and got out her fmaily album. Maybe if she showed her some pictures it would help.

Eager to get her to remember him. Gerard approached Louise again. She still couldn't remember and that hurt more than anything. He waited in the corridor until Dani returned carrying two different albums under her arm. She showed Louise every single picture explaining the activity and when it was. She remembered nothing. It was blank. Dani eventually left.

Gerard then told the doctor to give Louise coffee. Coffee was Louise's drug. The doctor got the coffee and gave it to Gerard who walked in to her again. She rolled her eyes.
"Here" Gerard handed her the purple mug. Louise looked at it blankly.

"Taste it" Gerard smiled widely. louise shrugged her shoulders and took a sip of the beverage.

She grinned "This is heaven" She murmered smiling wider and taking a bigger drink.

"A bit of normality" Gerard sighed. Frank then came up to the hospital.

"Heeeey Frank!" Louise grinned widely.

Frank stopped at the doorway "Wait you.. you remember me?" Frank's voice went high and a chesire cat grin spread across his face.

"Yeah of course! How could i forget my best friend?" Louise smiled warmly at him as if nothing had happened.

"Lucky bastard" Gerard whispered under his breath.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHHHAHAH" Frank laughed in Gerard's face.

It turned out she could only remember some people. Others was as if she never laid eyes on them.

- 1 Week Later -

"I have another idea"Dani declared over the phone to Gerard. She tried everything over the week but nothing had refreshed Louise's memory.

"Hit me" Gerard was willing to try anything at this stage.

"How about i play guitar?" Dani smiled even though Gerard couldn't see it.

"That's a good idea" Gerard laughed. They picked a song and headed up to the hospital.
In the hospital Louise was conversing with Frank when Danielle and Gerard arrived, Danielle carrying her guitar.

It was her acoustic, the beautiful one with the swirling sunburst pattern. Louise looked confusingly at the strange people "What are you guys doing?" Frank asked.

'I thought maybe if I played one of our favourite songs she might remember me,' Dani explained, tearing up. If this didn't work...would anything work?

"Alright, good luck" Frank smiled leaving the room

Dani sat down on the side of the bed and began to play. Gerard's voice was in a perfect harmony to her's as they sang Green Day-Time of Your Life. Louise watched, mesmerised, as her fingers plucked the strings and slid up and down the frets.

Danielle and Gerard finsihed the song waiting for Louise's response. Tears streamed down Dani's face. How could she live without her twin? And then something changed in Louise's face.

'Dani? Gerard?' she whispered. 'How could I forget you?'

Danielle then cried tears of happiness and hugged her twin tightly "Thank fuck" Danielle said. Louise hugged her back tightly.

When they fianlly pulled away. Louise grabbed Gerard and pulled him in. His shoulders shook as he cried into her neck. He didn't know why he was crying so hard. He just felt like he needed to release all the motions from the last few days. Louise gently wiped away his tears with her thumb and then kissed his lips softly. Getting harder and more passionate with each second.

Dani smiled and rubbed her stomach she had been getting pains recently. Suddently Andy phoned her. "Hi!" Dani smiled into the phone leaving the room.

"Have you seen a doctor yet?" Andy asked worried about Dani's pains.

"No" She murmured quietly. "But i am sure i will be fine" Dani said confidently.

Andy sounded doubtful, he really wanted her to go and see a doctor just incase. He was just really worried about her.

"How about this?" Dani asked "we will go to the clinic tomorrow and get me checked out" Andy agreed and hung up so he could schedule an appointment with their doctor.
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