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Stranger lands

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Sasha feels abandoned by her father and alone. sent away with a stranger who her father seems to trust she must find herself when her world is turned into stranger lands

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The rain hit hard. Sasha looked at the sky, were had the clouds come from? This was not a usual summer storm, the sky had been a clear sapphire blue. She picked up the pace to get home. she had not brought a jacket and was soaked to the skin.

The walk home seemed to take forever. she felt the heat hit her as soon as she walked through the front door. Her cheeks glowing pink from the sudden change in temperature. Sasha ran up to her room to change before her father saw her. she knew he would be worried as she was so late home due to the detention and he would not be happy with that and she could not explain to him without making him furious.
Sasha had just finished changing when her father called from the bottom of the stairs. his voice was strained this was not good. she knew that things were not right and had not been for some time but the strangeness in his voice stopped her in her tracks. she could not put her finger on it but she knew would not be good.
"Good evening father" was her same usual greeting as Sasha walked in to the dinning room. Her father looked at her with cold eyes that sent a shiver down her back. What was going on why had he changed so much since this morning.
"Evening Sasha"
"Evening Sasha" repeated another voice behind her.
Sasha turned quickly to see who had spoken. sitting in the corner of the room was an elderly man. She could not see him clearly in the dim light but she did recognize the same coldness and strangeness in his voice that were also present in her father. Sasha turned back to her father who was looking at his hands. sadness was plastered across his face which sent panic through Sasha.
"What is going on father, Who are you? she looked from her father to the stranger.
"I have news for you. Tonight you leave this house and never return here. There are things going on and it is time you were made aware of then, but not here. You have half an hour to collect your things and say goodbye to your father."
Sasha stared at the strange open mouthed. Who was he to make such demands and give her orders. Why was her father so quiet and allowing this to happen. he just sat looking at his hands resting on the table.
"Who are you sir and why should i leave? Father what is going on? father?..........Say something please"
He raised his head looked at the man in the corner then at his daughter. "Do as you have been told and quickly" he rose from the table and left the room leaving his daughter in stunned silence.
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