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starting over NO

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Sasha ran up stairs, tears stinging her eyes. Why had he done that. He just walked out did not even look back at her. The Strange man in the corner just sat looking at her. What the hell was going on.
There was a loud bang on the door and she could hear her father whispering on the other side. "Sasha.....Sasha open the door quickly"
She really did not want to see him but she also needed answers.
Slowly she opened the door. Her father looked nervous, casting glances around him. Sasha stepped back just as he pushed his way in.
"I am so sorry. So, so sorry. You must understand I really have no choice in this darling. I cant tell you everything but i can tell you that this is for all our safety. If you stay here we are all in danger. I love you and want you safe."
Sasha tried to interrupt but her father put his finger to her lips to quiet her.
"All I can say is your mother will be there to help you and I will join you as soon as I can"
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