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Chapter 2: Prison Life

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Life for Harley in prison

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Chapter 2: Prison Life

You would think prison is hell for a girl like me, ambitious, young, and waiting for her dreams to come true. You may be thinking"My god, by some miracle, the poor girl survived! WHOOPIIIIIEEEE!!!!!!". Yes, I am surviving in this prison. But here's the strange part: its really not that bad. Don't get me wrong, I always think of what could've been,where I would be if I wasn't here, and I throw frequent pity parties. But people here have it worse. They are stabbed,raped(Yes by women!), and other horrible things no one else has ever dreamed of. At first, I was just shocked. It seemed so surreal. I never dreamed of being here. But as the time progressed, the prison felt more normal, as strange as that sounds. You get used to that after 3 years. Now, don't think I was left alone in prison. Of course, now, I'm left alone. But that is because of the incident with Brenda.


That name alone is enough to send chills running down anyone's spine in our prison. The boogeyman of Bayview prison. The walking menace. The terror. The toughest one in this joint. Mess with her, and you won't live to eat another crappy prison meal. Now, you may be wondering why any of this has anything to do of why I'm a loner in here. Well, it has everything to do. It started when I first arrived. See, Brenda always makes the newbies her bitch. And, being that she had a bunch of bitches, she ALWAYS gets what she wants...more specifically, WHO she wants. I was the 19 year old newbie, filled with dreams that would never come true, a broken heart, and broken dreams. I was broken. I was VULNERABLE. That's exactly what Brenda looked for in a bitch. Someone she could easily break down. And, it just so happened, that she wanted me. And what Brenda wanted, she got. It was the end of shower time. I had just finished showering, and had just gotten dressed. Then she came in, followed by 4 of her little bitches. Yes, that 6'4 212 pound terror needed bitches around. I was about to get out when the bitch decided to ambush me. Yet, something happened that she never dreamed would happen with her bitches around. She lost. I won. I had been trained to fight by various martial arts classes, and my family training me. The best part was that Brenda and her bitches all had knives. I beat them, with only one war scar: a long cut on my right arm. But, as crazy as it may sound, I showed my scar with pride. From then on, to everyone in the prison, I was the toughest one. I was off limits.

Anyways, as I was saying, others had it worse. I was and am grateful that I didn't die in a prison shower.

That's no way to go out.

Now, although prison was pretty bad, it could be worse. i wasn't sentenced to death. Only 5 years! Can you believe my luck?! 2 more years to go. That may seem like torture to you, but to me, it was the greatest thing I've ever thought of! Its one of the things that keeps me going. There's also 3 other things that keep me going. Their names are Ray, Bob, and Mikey. No, they aren't my secret love children. They're prison guards. They're my friends. They're like my older brothers. It may be uncommon for prisoners to have prison guards that they don't use to get whatever they want. But that's me. Not once have I used them.

It all started when I first arrived. I felt so very scared. And, I didn't think looked scared at the moment, but, as Ray would tell me later, I looked as scared as a child,home alone,in the dark. Now, I got off the bus, and got settled in in my cell. I was the only one in my cell. The prison was 1 person away from being full. I was that person who didn't have to share a cell. As soon as I got in my celled. I cried. I cried with all of my heart and soul. A certain blonde guard came by. I looked at him. He went from having dead, cold eyes, to having warm, compassionate ones. I could tell he tried to hide it, though. " What's wrong?" he asked. "What's wrong? What's wrong? I'll tell you what's wrong! I have to spend 5 years in this hell hole, while my brother lives his life! I didn't do anything wrong! I know, I took the blame! I knew what I was getting myself into! But I can't help it! I love my brother! I really do! But I can't help thinking about how much I screwed myself! No, I don't regret it! I would do it all over again if I had to! But I'm just so sad! This is where i spend my 19th year living! I just can't believe it's come to this!" I cried. "Hey wait...are you that Harley girl?" he asked. I nodded. "I knew it! I knew you must've taken the blame for someone! You couldn't have possibly killed anyone!" "How do you know that I didn't do it?" I asked. How could he have known? He chuckled. " Well, besides all of the evidence pointing to someone else, when I saw you, I knew you couldn't have possibly done it.". I was silent. I was glad someone believed me, but what if he told the media? The authorities? I'm screwed. The guard must've read my mind. " I won't tell. Don't worry. My name is Bob Bryar". He held his hand out through the bars for me to shake." My name is Harley Luna Delores.". " Nice to meet you! Well, I have to go. But I have other friends, guards, who are pretty awesome. Their names are Mikey and Ray. I'll tell them about you. Now, be careful. Bye."

That day, I made three new friends. Their names are Mikey, Bob, and Ray. We frequently all talk, and take turns talking. Every chance we get, we talk. They're like my brothers. No. They ARE my brothers. I love them. They're the only people keeping me going. They have filled that empty void that my family failed to fill. The void that my friends were supposed to go in. I had never had any friends, but those 3 men made up for the 22 years of my life that I was alone.

I throw pity parties whenever I'm alone, which is whenever they can't stop by to talk, which is when I'm away from my cell. But, the pity parties are dying down a bit. Just a bit. At these pity parties, I always hope that tomorrow, a new friend or two will come along. That they will fill my empty cell. I've hoped and hoped for 3 years. Little did I know,my wish was about to come true.

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