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Chapter 3: My Life Will Never Be The Same

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Harley's luck is finally looking up.

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A/N: This is where the story really gets ridiculous! BUT, Its writing! Anything goes! So here is the third chapter! Enjoy!

Chapter 3: My Life Will Never Be The Same

So, now I've told you everything you need to know. My wish that I would no longer be alone in my cell. That I would have a new cellmate and no longer be alone. After 3 years, I still hope for that.
I get up from my bed. Breakfast. Yet another crappy prison meal. Well, maybe today's the day! The day I've been longing for! A new cellmate! The prison is STILL 1 person away from being crowded. 2 would be slightly over crowded. People have entered while others have either been released or died, and the cellmates of those who left or died got new cellmates, while I remained alone. Maybe today's MY day! Who am I kidding? I didn't get a cellmate yesterday, or the day before that, or the day before that. What makes today any different? They finally let me out of the cell. "Hey Bob." I said to the guard who let me out. "Hey Harls! Why do you look down?" He asked as we started walking toward the cafeteria. "I AM down. I'm starting to think I'll never get a cellmate". " Today might be your lucky day. We're getting 2 new prisoners". "Well, judging by my lack of luck, someone else is going to get 2 new cellmates." I said. "Don't worry. Your day will come soon." he said with a smile. " Thanks Bob. Where's Mikey and Ray?" I asked. "Today IS your lucky day. All three of us are gonna be in the cafeteria at the same time!" I smiled. My three friends with me in the cafeteria! That's a change! "That's great!"" We'll try to stand close to you! " "Thanks, Bob!" I said, as we finally arrived to the cafeteria. I sat where I always sit. In the back, alone. Maybe it WAS my lucky day. Mikey, Bob, and Ray stood in the back, by me. I got up, got my meal, and sat back down. I was about to start eating when someone shouted "TURN ON THE TV!". Everyone else cheered in agreement.(Yes, we had a small T.V nailed on the wall so everyone could see it.)Mikey went up and said" Listen up! Whatever channel it's on, it stays on that channel. No complaining, no shouting, and NO FOOD FIGHTS or else you guys will stay in instead of going outside. Is that clear?" Everyone nodded. He turned on the T.V. It was some cooking show. Mikey made his way to back when my eyes finally processed what was on T.V. My brother. He was cooking on the show. He looked happy. His was so familiar to me, yet so different. I hadn't seen him in 2 years. I immediately felt angry. He could've at least visited me! Why didn't he?! Ray must've sensed my anger. "Hey, Harls. Are you ok? Why does the show make you angry? Is that someone you know?" I nodded. "Who?" Bob, Mikey and Ray chimed in together. "My older brother". They gasped. It was the infamous Dylan. The one I always talked about in my sleep, according to Mikey. I have grown to hate him because while everyone else got to see someone on visitation days, I was always alone. While everyone else got letters, I was in tears, alone. I hated him and his normal life. And if I hated him, Bob, Mikey, and Ray hated him. "If I ever see him on the street, I'll kill him!" Bob said. "Well, I'll help!" Ray said. "And I'll record it and give it to you!" Mikey said. "Thanks, guys." I said. I really was grateful for them.
Almost halfway through breakfast, I was lost in my thoughts when two guards came in. "Ok, here's the deal. We got two new prisoners today. The New Jersey prisons are crowded and so are the New York prisons, except for this one. One of you will be getting 2 new cellmates. They are males, so they will be protected by the three male guards in the back. We are giving the 2 prisoners to a prisoner who has gotten into the least trouble. I will give the name and number of the prisoner who will have 2 new cellmates. The guards will guide the 2 guys to her cell. NO ONE HURTS THESE TWO! Is that clear?" Everyone said in unison "Ok!". Then, the guard led in two males. One had black hair draping over his face, while the other half of his hair was blonde and short. He was pale-ish and had slightly red rimmed eyes. The other guy had medium length black hair, was pale as a ghost, and had really red rimmed eyes. They got their breakfast and, apparently, realized that everyone was staring at them. To make matters worse for them, every table was crowded. Then, they spotted my table and also spotted Mikey, Ray, and Bob. They started walking towards me. Well, its about damn time I made more friends! Maybe today WAS y lucky day. They both set down their trays and sat down across from me. Everyone's eyes were on me, now. "Hey" they both muttered. I assumed that they pretty much already knew that I was the reject of Bayview. "Hey" I pretty much whispered. They had started eating. Everyone soon got back to watching T.V. They got bored, I guess. We ate in silence, until Mikey came over. "Hey Harls" he said. The guys looked at me, as if they couldn't believe I got along with a guard. "Hey Mikey". "I just wanted to introduce you to my older brother, Gerard". He pointed at the really pale, red-rim eyed, medium length black hair one. He waved a little "Hey". "And his friend, Frank". The one with the black hair draping over his eye smiled. "Hi!" "Hey!I'm Harley Luna Delores!" I replied. "Mikey, why didn't you tell me you had a brother?" I asked. He shrugged."You never asked. Well, start bonding. I want my best friend, my brother, and his best friend to get along". And with that being said, he left. As soon as Mikey left, something weird happened.

"So, are you two banging?" Frank asked. I blushed. "What the hell?! No! We're just good friends!" "Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight" Frank said. Gerard just looked down, trying not to laugh. "Whatever. So what are you guys in for?". Frank and Gerard's smiles disappeared. There was an awkward silence. Gerard was the first to speak. "Frank's in for drunk driving. I'm in for dealing drugs. You?" "Oh, i'm in for taking the blame for my older brother. He killed his girlfriend and her other lover" I said, way too calm for my liking. They looked at me like I was nuts. Gerard spoke up. "That's sweet. I would do that for my brother, too. So how much time do you have left in here?" "2 more years. I've been in here for 3.You?" Frank smiled, excitedly. "We have 2 years left, too! That's so great!" he exclaimed. "Yup, I guess so!" I said. Conversing with others who were in my position felt good. We talked about our music likes, our dislikes, our lives before prison. Gerard asked me something I didn't really expect from a quiet guy "What's your nationality? I mean, you're" "Brown?" I said, amused that he was stuttering, trying not to seem racist. I mean, why wouldn't he be nervous? He's that whitest guy in New York! "Yes..brown. Why is that?" Gerard asked, visibly nervous. "Calm down! I'm Mexican. Just a rocker- type Mexican" I said, laughing. Gerard calmed down and laughed, too. Soon, Frank asked me something I wasn't really expecting. "Soooooooooooo, who you banging?" "What?!" I nearly choked on my eggs. "You heard me. Who you banging?" "No one. What gave you the idea that I WAS banging someone?" I asked. What would give him that thought? " Oh come on! Don't give me that! I see the way those two guards are looking at you right now. They look like they want to choke me!" I looked back. Bob and Ray were looking at Frank with their cold, dead stares. Mikey saw me staring, and calmed them both down by explaining that Frank wasn't capable of hurting me. They soon calmed down and smiled at me. "That's Bob and Ray. They're like my brothers! They're just protective, that's all. 3 years can bring 4 people close, you know" I said. "Wait, 4? You, Mikey, Bob, and Ray are all friends?! This is mind fucking. guards and" Frank said. I laughed. Bob approached me. "Hey Bob!" "Hey Harls! Listen, today is your lucky day! Gerard and Frank are going to be your new cellmates!" I looked away to make sure everyone was looking at the T.V. Once I made sure they were, I jumped on Bob and hugged him. Thank God he could hold my weight. "Yes! My wish came true! Yes! And you told me so! Bob, you fortune teller, you!" He hugged me back. Bob wasn't much of a hugger, but he didn't want to spoil my moment. "Yup, I'm happy too. So can you get off now? " I got off, still smiling. No one was paying attention, except for Mikey and Ray, who were cracking up knowing that Bob isn't a hugger, Frank was looking at me, wiggling his eyebrows, as if to say "So you ARE banging someone! That someone is BOB!", and Gerard was just looking down, trying not to laugh.
Yep. Life was getting a little bit better in Bayview.

Just a little.

A/N: HI! I wouldn't call this capter the most accurate thing on Earth, but it was nice to write. Thanks readers! More to come, soon! Reviews are gratefully accepted! Thank you!
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