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Chapter 4: Sleeping Arrangements

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A simple chapter on who's sleeping where and why. This should be interesting...

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Thanks to all of the readers sticking by this story! I'll update whenever I can, for the readers!Everything has been dull and depressing, so here's a somewhat humorous chapter! Enjoy!

Chapter 4: Sleeping Arrangements

Yes! Bob WAS right! Today IS my lucky day! Note to self: make Bob you're weird gypsy woman who tells you the future. Anyways, I pretty much skipped with Bob on my way back to my cell. I was holding the tough, blonde, anti-hug, prison guard's hand while skipping. Gerard and Frank were both dying, trailing behind us. "Hey! Newbies! Skip,too!" I said,while giving them the death glare. By their reactions, the death glare frightened them, and so they started to skip, while holding hands. We got back to my cell, where Bob locked Gerard, Frank, and I up. "Figure out the sleeping arrangements, guys. Bye, Harls" "Bye,Bob!" I happily chirped. I looked back at Gerard and Frank, who were looking at the bunk beds. Only two beds, and sleeping on the floor was out of the question. Someone must've gotten stabbed before I got here, because there was a stained red substance on the floor that has yet to be cleaned off. "So, who's going to sleep where?" Gerard asked.

After quite a while of silently making arrangements in our minds, we realized that the question Gerard asked needed to be answered. "Ummm...I don't know..." Frank said. "How about you and Gerard on the top bunk?" I asked. "NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" They both said. "We may be best friends, but we don't EVER want to sleep in the same bed as adults EVER!" Gerard said. "Yeah! That'll make people think we're a couple!" Frank said. "You are a couple! I proclaim it! You are Frank!" I pointed at Frank. "You are Gerard!" I pointed at Gerard. "And together you are.." I took their hands and mushed them together "FRERARD!!!!!!!!!" I nearly screamed. There was a second of silence, followed by all three of us bursting in uncontrollable laughter. "Ewww! Frerard? Really?! That sounds like some fan fiction name our fans would give our pairing on some weird fan fiction site if we were famous!" Frank said, in between laughter. "I know! Imagine people gave us that pairing name in fan fiction?! We're just guys in jail!" Gerard said. "Imagine they wrote fan fiction about us three! Any type of fan fiction! But we're in jail!" I said, laughing at the thought. "Unless..." they both got silent and I got serious "this is all fan fiction and we were actually famous!" I said, bursting into laughter. We all laughed until we didn't find the thought as funny anymore.

"Ok, guys, who's sleeping where?" I asked. "Hmmm...." Frank said, out loud. "How about I sleep on the top bunk, alone, while you and Gerard sleep on the bottom?""Sounds good, but one question. Don't take this the wrong way, Gerard, but, Frank, why us two?" I asked, really curious. I looked at Gerard, and he seemed calm. I sighed, thankful that I didn't offend him. "Because Gerard can keep his hands to himself. I mean three years is a LONG time to go without sex. Now,if I'm going to be in the same bed with a gorgeous girl, I'm not sure I can say the same about myself" Frank said, with a wink. I had never had sex. Remember, outcast for 22 years? So I never even dated someone. I blushed at Frank's comment. "So, we have a bit of time before yard time, so let me give you guys the grand tour of Bayview. We get free roam until yard time" I said as Bob unlocked my cell. "Here we go!" I said, feeling some hands grab on my ass while looking at Bob's death glare being thrown at Frank. "And Frank?" "Uh huh?" "Keep your hands to yourself"

And That's it! I hope you like this chapter! Next chapter will be the tour! Please review and I'll update when I can! Thanks for reading!
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