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Chapter 5: The Grand Tour

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Harley gives a grand, explosive, once in a lifetime tour to Gerard and Frank!

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Chapter 5: The Grand Tour

I decided that ignoring Bob's death glare at Frank would be my best bet. Frank wouldn't be keeping his hands to himself anytime soon, and Bob was just as protective of me as Ray and Mikey were. Neither of those two things would change. I rolled my eyes and continued walking, with Gerard and Frank trailing behind. "Ok, where should I begin...?"

We started walking down the row of cells, towards the stairs. Before walking down, I made sure they were both behind, following me. "Oh! Crap! I forgot! Mikey and I will have to escort you guys everyone. Not Harley, but Frank and Gerard. The girls can't keep their hands to themselves. It's been a long time for them since they know" Bob trailed off. Frank felt the need to shout "SEEEEEE-" as Harley covered his mouth with her hands. "Finish that sentence, and woman will have sex with you. And they won't be the girls in THAT pairing." I said. I slowly released my hands. "Hey! Harley! Are you doubting my manhood?!" he asked, with a fake pained expression. "Yes. I'm just saying...the girls in here have fucked girls like you in prison." I said. Bob and Gerard seemed to be holding in laughter, but finally let loose and started laughing. Mikey arrived in the middle of their laugh-fest."What's so funny?" he asked. Bob finally sobered up and responded "Harley insulted Frank's manhood." Mikey laughed. "Ok guys. Nice to know i'm a comedian, i'll keep that in mind when I get out, but can we get going? I'm a tour-guide today, and I take pride in my current career." I said. "Ok,then. Let's go." Bob said.

"Ok, here's the first block of cells. There, in there, you'll see someone getting beat up. Why is Bob not stopping it? Because two other guards are in charge of them" I said. "Ok, now, here are the showers" I said, as we walked to the showers, with Gerard, Frank,Bob and Mikey trailing behind. I didn't dare step inside. Anything can happen. "Be careful in the showers, Frank. Someone might take your virginity in there" I said. While everyone else laughed, Frank looked at me with a hurt expression. "Why do you have to be so mean to me?!" he wailed, "sobbing". Everyone else laughed harder, including me. "Ok, let's keep going. Here," I started "we have the cafeteria, which you've already seen. No, the food doesn't get any better. Deal with it. See that table, there?" I said, pointing at a table "Never sit on it. That's where Brenda and her bitches sit. If you sit on it, you won't live to see the next day." I said. We walked over to a door. "This door leads to the yard. I'll show you around in 5,4,3,2,1" Sure enough, there came the guards, escorting the rest of the prisoners to the yard. "Time to go!" I said, excitedly. This was the highlight of most of my days. Of course, the highlight today was meeting Frank and Gerard, but still. When you're in prison for 3 years, yard time becomes a favorite.

"Ok, there's the place that the 'jocks' spend the time. They play basketball,lift weights, do just about anything that requires them to move. There" I pointed to a place where there were a few people with 1 or 2 books "are our poets,aspiring writers, and readers. They read just about anything with words. Ok, now there" I pointed to a place close to the jocks "Are our Christians. The ones who have 'found God' throughout the whole prison experience. There" I pointed to a corner, covered by shade, which made the corner seem darker than it was from afar "Are our dealers. They have connections to guards who absolutely loathe this job. Those guards get them anything they want, and then they deal it. Yes, I have 'connections' to Bob,Mikey, and Ray, but I never use them. Getting off topic... now there" I pointed to a shady area near the gate, away from everyone "is where I always sit..alone. Maybe not alone if you guys choose to sit with me, but probably not..." I realized that just because I showed them around doesn't mean they were obligated to spend time with me. There goes my joy...

I looked back and Bob and Mikey wanted to say something, but Gerard beat them to it. "Hey, it's ok. We like spending time with you! You're very funny, and fun to be around-" "Not to mention, pretty!" Frank chimed in. I smiled at him and Gerard. "Yep, that too! The point is, we're your friends now. You won't be alone. We couldn't possibly do that! You're our new friend! You can count on us." "Us,too, Harls! We're like family! We love you! Ray, Mikey, and I will always be here, ok?" Bob said. "Ok. Thanks." I said, truly feeling happy.

Yep. Things were sure looking up.

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