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Chapter 6: Hit The Showers

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Things get weird.

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Hi! Sorry i haven't updated! I've been coming up for more ideas for other stories. I will not make anymore stories until I finish this one! I have a lot of ideas! Things get weird and perverted here so forgive that. Thanks readers and reviewers! Enjoy!

Chapter 6: Hit The Showers

I actually had a good time during yard time. I couldn't talk to Mikey and Bob because they were too busy being manly mans and standing by the gates, looking manly like manly men do. Anyways, when we went inside, it was shower day and shower time. I had always showered with two other women, who didn't bother me at all, but weren't nice...well, they didn't stab me so I guess they were being a bit nice. It was custom for all cell mates to shower together, plus one extra cellmate, so 3 ladies would shower, but that's it. It was a Bayview custom no one has ever broken. Anyways, I got...nervous to say the least. What would happen to me? It was my turn to shower, as the, as usual, last one to do so. Bob came over to me, as Gerard, Frank, and I were sitting in our cell. Bob unlocked the cell and said "Harls, you're, unfortunately going to have to shower with these men." while clenching his jaw. I knew that feeling. I had to shower with two me, who I just met...TODAY! I was scared, to be honest, although, they looked harmless. But you never know.

Bob sensed my fear. "Harls, it's ok. Mikey, Ray, and I will be right outside of the shower. And you know the shower door. It has no lock and a small window, not to mention the fact that everything that could possibly be used to lock the door is outside. You'll be fine" I had faith in Bob's words. I knew I was going to be fine...but there is one thing I never mentioned...I've never seen anyone, but myself, naked. Like I said before. Outcast? 22 years? No boyfriend? Yep. That's me. The loser virgin. Anyways, I was nervous. Would this be the first time I see a, or could I avoid it? As I walked closer and closer to the shower, I grew increasingly nervous. We finally got to the showers, and before we stepped into the shower room, Bob turned to Frank and Ray turned to Gerard. "If you hurt her in ANYWAY, I personally see to it that you are never able to mate again. Understood?" Frank nodded, knowing that Bob would be true to his word. "Gerard, you aren't a bad guy, but 3 years can do a lot for men. So don't try anything. And for fuck's sake,WATCH FRANK AT ALL TIMES!" Ray said to Gerard. Gerard smiled and nodded. Bob, Ray, and Mikey all hugged me, knowing that this was a first. Frank and Gerard had already walked into the shower. I took a deep breath, then walked into the shower.

I walked in, to find that Gerard and Frank were just standing, fully clothed, awkwardly. They were standing even more awkwardly than Mikey, who had awkward knees. Gerard asked " So, hows this going to go down?" I decided to pitch my idea. "How about you guys undress first, then I look away. Then you guys look away, while I undress. Then we shower as quickly a possible and get out of here, ok?" They nodded. They undressed as I faced the wall, silently praying that time would go by fast. "Ok, we aren't looking. Your turn!" Frank said. I sighed, turned, just to see their bare butts. I giggled a little and undressed as quickly as possible. "Done!" I said.

We all walked over to the shower heads. The walk there seemed to have taken forever. I avoided their eyes. We quickly showered, without a word. I was the first one to be done. I dried myself with scratchy prison towels. Gerard followed, then Frank. We each got changed quickly and didn't say a word. As soon as we got outside, Frank turned into his bubbly old self, and so did I. Gerard couldn't help but laugh. Bob, Mikey, and Ray looked confused, but stayed quiet. We were just happy to get out, and despite being awkward, we could get used to this shower ritual. The shower bought us closer together, and soon, we might be able to talk in the shower. This was something I could get used to.

Yay for shower bonding! Yay for awkward knees and awkward stands! That's it for now! More to come soon!
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