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Chapter 7: Summer Has Come And Passed

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A year has gone's almost time.

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Sorry I haven't updated! I've had a bunch of things going on, and I didn't find time! I've also been planning this out! Thanks for reading, and enjoy!!!

Chapter 7: Summer Has Come And Passed

It was time for lights out. I was pretty happy, for the first time in lord knows how long. I was glad to spend my last 2 years in prison with them. Maybe we'll keep in touch after prison. Hopefully. We got back to our cell and Frank hopped onto the top bunk, gleefully. "HAHAHAHAHAH YOU GUYS HAVE TO SHARE! Good luck with that, Harls. He kicks." "Hmmmm and how would YOU know, Frank?" I shot back. "I SLEPT WITH HIM...wait no...THAT CAME OUT WRONG!!!!" Frank shouted. "Calm down,boy. Sleep." I said. Frank just laid down on his bunk, without a word. "So...who sleeps where?" Gerard said, backed up on the cell bars. "Ok, one: back away from there, that's how Shelly in Cell Block A got stabbed last week." he backed away "Two: I'm not poison. You can come closer." Gerard hesitated but came closer and sat down on the bed. "Now that you've joined me...I CALL WALL!!!" I shouted. I quickly laid down on the side of the bed that is by the wall. Gerard chuckled and laid down beside me. "Goodnight, Gerard" "Goodnight, Harley."
I smiled. I was truly happy.

1 Year Later

I woke up with Frank shouting at me. "HARLEY IT'S BREAKFAST TIME!!! GERARD! BREAKFAST TIME!!!!!!!!"
"Ughhhhhh shut up." I said. I looked over and saw Gerard still sleeping with his arms around me. It's hard to believe that it's already been 1 year of waking up with Gerard's arms around me. Yes, the first time we woke up together(No you pervs. Not in that way) his arms were wrapped around me. It's been a habit. I knew it never meant anything. But this morning, he looked extra peaceful to me. He looked extra...beautiful? No! Bad Harley! No! No developing feelings for friends! Stop it this instant. But the more I stared, the more he looked beautiful...gorgeous...attractive.

Oh my gosh I was just eye fucking my best friend! "I wasn't eye fucking him! Shut up Frank!" I blushed and looked down so no one could see. Frank didn't see me blushed, and kept on trying to wake Gerard up. Gerard's eyes shot open. He looked at his arms and at me. They were still wrapped around me. He pulled his hands away. He stopped blushing at this about 3 weeks ago. He smiled and said "Harls, let's get up and brush our teeth so that Frank will stop bugging us." "Ok, Gee." Frank shouted in victory. We brushed our teeth in the small sink we had as Bob unlocked our cell. I gave him the usual morning greeting, which he always shot back. I started to think about the thoughts I had about Gee this morning. Was I developing feelings for him? I can't! He's my best friend! This would change everything! This is wrong. I have to stop this. But I couldn't.

I can't.

HOW DO YOU LIKE DEM APPLES! I hope you enjoyed this chapter! It really starts to get into the whole prison romance concept, which is weird but whatever. Thanks to my readers!
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