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Chapter 8: Confessions

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Confession time? I think so!

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Hello my fellow Ficwadians! It's been a while, I know! But I'm updating now! The plot is weird,of this I know, but bare with me. I might be ending this story in a chapter or two. Maybe two or three, but if that DOES happen, it'll require time skipping in the story. I just have so many ideas for my(so far) 4 OC's(Jennifer,Harley,Piper and Kayla). I really want to get started on a series that involves Jen and Bren (XD) and Kayla,Piper, and Pete. I might make a sequel to this, you know, life after prison. That actually sounds Ok! Let me know what you think in the reviews! Ok, so now, EMBRACE THE FAN FICTION!

Chapter 8: Confessions

ME? Harley Luna Delores? In LOVE?! Hell to the f-ing no! I'm not supposed to love Gee, one of my best friends, whom I met in some weird,trippy WOMEN'S prison, where he just happened to sit at MY table, and room with me in MY cell. This Very trippy.

Very Harley-like.

It couldn't possibly get weirder. It could only get weirder if he actually RECIPROCATED the feelings, but that would be very...abnormal? Surreal? WEIRD?!

All of the above.

The whole day went by as a blur, and it seemed like any other day. As soon as I knew it, I was back in my cell, trying to get Frank to calm down and go to sleep, then sleeping in my own bunk with Gerard. Then replaying the whole day all over again. It used to feel mechanical, but these feelings that I'm NOT supposed to have keep getting in the way of me having a normal friendship with my few friends, the ones who are like FAMILY.

It was very weird, but I managed to get through a week of that. Before I knew it, it was another normal Monday. Me waking up to Gerard crushing me with his arms in his sleep, Frank acting like a nut, Bob and Ray keeping tabs on all of us, Mikey trying to act tough in front of the prisoners. Yep everything was normal. And the day was ending. ANOTHER "normal" day through.

"Frank! Frank! Calm down!" I yelled, while Frank spazzed around in our small cell.
"I need to run! I need to burn off energy!" he practically screamed.
"I told you to run today so we wouldn't be in this mess!" I said. Frank never was one for listening, though.
"She did,dude." Gerard chimed in.
"You see?! Now go to bed this instant!" I will make a great mother someday.
"FINE!" Frank got into the top bunk and pouted.

I got in my spot in the bunk Gerard and I shared. I thought about how in almost 11 months, we'd be free! Part of me couldn't wait, and part of me was nervous. Where do I go? What do I do? I mean, I'd get a job and...well...I have no clue. I think I want to talk to my brother. Knowing him, he's somewhere in L.A.
Gerard interrupted my thoughts.
"Hey, Harls?"
"Yeah, Gee?"
"Harls, I..I want to tell you something. More specifically, confess something to you."
"What is it, Gee?"
"I..I love you"
He couldn't possibly mean it! I bet it's just friend type of "I Love You"
"Cool, Gee. I love you, too."
"No Harls. I'm in love with you"

CLIFFHANGER! :O I think I'll end it in 2-3 chapters! Hell, I might finish it today! I'll have to skip over the time, though! Thanks for reading!
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