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Chapter 9: WHAT?!

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Seriously, WHAT?!

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"WHAT?!" I said, for the 5th time
"WHAT?!" Frank said. He heard.
"Please stop saying What." Gerard mumbled
"How do you EXPECT me to react?! The whole 'guys in a female prison' thing is weird ENOUGH. So I'm sorry for not leaping into your arms and making out with you!" I said. I wasn't mad,though. I was extremely shocked. That's it. Just, shocked.
"Harley, calm down, ok?" Gerard whispered. "Can we at least whisper?"
"Fine" I whispered back
"So, go on"
"Ok. What?! Just...What?!" I whispered
Gerard sighed in response.
"Say something other than 'What'"
"Ok! Look, I'm in love with you too. But the timing. It's just...weird. It's kind of nice, in a messed up way. Pretty. Odd."
"Harls." Gerard started "We get out in a year. Will I be able to act on my feelings in a year?"
I thought for a minute. That sounded good. I mean, the whole prison thing was weird alone. But this? Maybe when we got out, I guess.

1 Year Later

"Where are they?!" Gerard asked, sounding frustrated
"I don't know! They said they'd be here!" I said.
"I want a hamburger!" Frank said
"Frank, shut the fuck up! I really don't want to walk to God knows where." I said. I knew where I wanted to go. I couldn't get there by foot.
"BUT HARLS- I SEE THEM!!!" He jumped up and down
Bob pulled up, wearing his sunglasses, with Mikey and Ray sitting in the back.
"Did someone call for a Taxi?" Bob said, with a grin
"We did! Sunglasses? Nice touch" I said
We got in the car. Gerard grabbed my arm before we got in.
"Hey Gee-" I started, before being pulled into, as I will put it, the greatest and first kiss of my life.
"Shut up!' i said, blushing as I got into the car.
"Where to Harls? You're free at last!" Bob said
"First, to Burger King. Your buying. Then, To my brother's house."
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